I am actually not feeling well, so I will be limiting the descriptions, besides I think the images speak for themselves! 😃
This display of my Big Figs from Jakks Pacific is my living room! You'll notice no new additions from last year.
This is the wall next to my bed. Those 5 SW iyems are there because the SW wall is full lol.
 My top shelf is full of misc figures and stuff. You'll notice that I have already made room for more POPs.
 This is my 3 3/4 shelf.
 You can't see them but behind those mini comics are my preschool Galactic Heroes with the Jake and the Neverland Pirates (Disney) playset. Rancor is hanging out here as well. This is mostly Preschool and McDonalds/ Fat Food Premiums with some odd and ends. MAce and BB-8 I literally got yesterday for 10 cents a piece!
 Vehicles! My SW Micro Machines (with a few original ones (including a vintage fireman) that aren't SW - made no sense to give them a  shelf as I only have 5.) Also Hot Wheels (SW) and more fast food premiums.
This last shelf are most of my 3 3/4 Scale vehicles (amd Anakin who is piloting Obi-Wan's Starfighter).
Well, that's a look at my collection, as you can tell a lot has been added since last year.


  1. Star Wars collections always fun. Ready for Force Friday?

    1. Most definitely, can't wait. Can't make midnight madness at TRU , BUT I do plan to be at Target when they open Friday at 8am, then hitting Wal-Marts and TRU. Should be pretty fun. Should point out its pay day so i'd be hitting all of those plkaces anyway (but considering going to Gamestop to). You?


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