I am still under the weather, but want to stay on schedule so this will be another quick one!

Although I have not read most of these, I thought it would be cool to take a look at my Star Wars printed materials!
 First up are my reprinted Star Wars books.
 These are reprinted from the original Marvel series and re-tell the original movie. Sadly I only have #'s 3 and 5! As you can see they were a joint venture from Marvel and IDW!
  As you can see, the art has been updated a bit, though I think just the coloring was,
  but I could be wrong!
  This item is pretty special to me, not because I like "Legacy", which I do, but because it was a gift from assie back when we lived in the Bay Area!
 It also includes the issue that had the Joker squad of storm troopers.
  Which is important to me because I once had the gift set of them. Sadly I only still have the girl (Jes?)
 As you can see in this image that I posted in last year's Star Wars week 1.0!
  I found this GN at five below last year I believe.
  Last up is another precious. I actually owned this as a kid and was excited to get it again. It retells a small portion of Return of The Jedi. It basically starts right around the Ewoks and then shows the destruction of the base and has one page show the death star blow.  Lol it is a funny read as it feels complete like you are missing nothing (except for the fact the fact that Luke leaves and then returns and says their father is dead.) You can see a page from it below.
  That will wrap things up for today, even more Star Wars fun tomorrow!


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