The originally planned post for today will be next week but I just had yo do this review.  Also before I begin, all images were found via a Google search!

 What can I say? I love the Transformers and they can do no wrong, yeah right. All of the Bayformers movies are forgettable. I have seen all of them but other than the Last Knight don't ask me about them. I can't remember them at all. Sure I remember pieces like Megan Fox looking sexy or Shia finding Bumblebee, etc but for the most part I never remember them.

  I think it is due to to factors they are jarring and hard to understand and the special effects are the main goal and that is obvious. The Last Knight is bad and I hate saying that as the Bayformers movies aren't that good in the first place but this is in its own bad category. When you think they can't ruin more, they do.
 The plot is simple, the government has declared that all Transformers no matter what faction are illegal and are hunting them down. In fact ALL governments but Cuba has declared them enemies. Santos, the leader of the TRF (Transformers Reaction Force) is very one minded for most of the film and wants to DESTROY them all.  As this is going on, Quintessa turns Optimus into her puppet. Quintessa is supposed to be the Bayformers universe version of the Quintessons. Like the Quintessons in other universes, Quintessa created the Transformers. She sends Optimus to get a staff to drain the life force of Unicron to bring back Cybertron. Megatron and his team are also looking for this staff as is Cade Yeager and Viviane Wembly. Oh and did I mention that not only is Unicron Earth, but Megatron was working for Quintessa all along? Obviously the RTF and Autobots team-up and defeat Megatron and Quintessa.

 So, this is who they are saying is Earth. sheesh.

 I dreaded this movie because I knew that we would see Quintessa, Hot Rod, and Unicron. I liked Quintessa and thought she was well done and I loved her bodyguard Infernotocus. I even like the idea of Earth being Unicron but that concerns me as now he is out there, we will probably see him at some part and to do him justice Earth would have to transform and that would probably be bad for all life on it!

 Sqweeks and Izabela were great and I Definitely enjoyed Izabela's scenes and think the actress Isabela (yep thats her name) was great and might have to watch her Nickelodeon work. (writer's note: I discovered I have seen her work before as she was in the movie version of The Legends of the Hidden Temple and she was great in that as well!) 
I loved that she had guts. She was orphaned and lived with a couple Transformers which is impressive in its own right but she also stood up to Megatron.
I said earlier about Hot Rod:
Not a fan of this look but will still get his figure as I love G1 Hot Rod! I also disliked that he had a French accent and HATED them suddeny saying that he and Bumblebee fought together in WWII!
I did like Mohawk's look, to bad he dies quickly, and hope we get him as a toy!
Also Cogman was cool (and funny at times) but um, 3-P0 called and wants his look back!
All and all a bad movie, not the worst but pretty bad. I would recommend this only to Transformers fans but even them I'd be wary to recommend and people who love Explosions and special effects but very little story! I wish I could have liked it more! Tomorrow is post 200!


  1. I will hopefully never see this. I once fell asleep on the couch and when I awoke the first Transformers was on and I watched a little more then half of it .Now I dont know if you are familiar with the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind , If you haven't seen it I recommend it and without giving to much of it away they had a procedure to erase parts of your memory , well I wish I could have that done to me. These movies are horrid .I see no reason why they made these well established cheracters look like the had been dunked in acid and had their skin burnt off. Why on earth do away with the sleek ,smooth look the transformers had and turn them into these scrap piles ? Im hoping someday we get a REAL Transformers live action movie .

    1. It's like a bunch of circuitry and cables covered up with football pads.I fact,come to think of it,that's exactly what they look like,that NFL robot on FOX.I'm sure the movie will be entertaining but ,still,not the TF's flick we've all been waiting for.And there's been like what 6 already?

    2. Midnight: The other 5 were at least entertaining to a degree, this one was crap. In fact I almost named the post "Crapformers 5!" I have not seen those movies but have heard of them and yeah I Wish I Could get that movie erased from my memory. Hopefully like the others it will fade on its own in my had lol.

      Tony: Its not though. Its literally all explosions and confusing and to much going on. At some parts you even have no idea what IS going on! Part of the problem is that BAY obviously wanted to make the most of the 3-D technology that they used in this film! OMG you are right! They do look like that robot! Also yes this is the 6th TF movie in this series (7 if you count the GREAT animated one from 86!)

    3. Personally, I liked it, but I am known for occasionally having unpopular opinions. For instance, I don't laud the 1986 movie as all that great. I think it only looks so through the glasses of nostalgia, and that the decisions made for that movie at the time were the same as the ones made for the Michael Bay live action continuity- : Sell new toys

      The last knight was not the best movie I have seen this year, but not the worst I have seen ever.

    4. Mr Smith: how dare you! kidding obviously, I usually have the unpopular opinion so I understand. I think it was just they tackled things like Hot Rod and Unicron and I hate when movies focus more on effects than plot or go overboard.


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