Time for another it came from and this one continues the goodies from Hero Illustrated!
 First up is an ad for Superman cards from Skybox. I never had any of these but I did have the DC cards (man I miss those)! Though cards are still made of properties nothing will ever beat the 90s in my opinion.
 These I Did have some of but I preferred the X-Men and Marvel Universe (series 1 and 2). I hope to be able to get my hands on some of those (and the G.I.Joe ones) some day.
Last up is this beauty! The original ad for the Skeleton Warriors cartoon series! This series had a line of toys from Playmates and even had a come back a couple years ago. The cartoon was pretty good and the toys were awesome but alas it was ahead of its time and the line like may 90s Playmates lines died after just one wave and the cartoon never went pass its first season.

Well thats it for this edition of "It Came From..." but more are coming.


  1. I got to meet one of the Hildebrandt brothers years ago. He came into a toy store where I worked in NJ while his wife was getting her nails done. It was around the time SW Ep 1 came out and we discussed how much we preferred the puppet characters to CGI!

    1. lol and lucky. Mark Bagley used to go to the comic shop I frequented back when I lived in GA and we discussed Aunt May's return and said it was a shame because they did such a great job killing her (Bagley drew the issues she died)


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