Since today is Independence Day here in America, I thought it would be fun to look at my Captain America collection. Why? Because up until recently, Cap has been a symbol of freedom and well what America should stand for (at least in my opinion).

Last year I was going to do a review on the Lego set for Independence day on my YouTube channel (as I had no decided to become a blogger instead yet) but the story that evolved into Secret Empire was beginning and him being a traitor ruined that for me but now a year later I realize it is just a story AND it does not change what he means to me as I can ignore that story :)

Anyway; here are all of my Cap toys (that I Could find) except the one I purchased yesterday as I took these photos on Sunday I believe.

Oh and one note, I am still doing 3 posts per week BUT I no longer am doing certain days by saying mon, wed, fri, I got depressed and felt like I failed.

Again Happy Independence Day! Hope its a safe one!: CAPTAIN AMERICA!


  1. Happy 4th Alexis!Where is that kneeling rubber Captain from?Looks like something outta the 80's.

    1. TY :) you to.

      Its actually not rubber and is from McDonalds!

  2. Awesome Captain America collection! Happy 4th!

  3. you had me at captain america...


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