Every time we do a trade, Brother Midnight amazes me on how well he knows me and this time was no exception. For the first time, we did not come up with what we would send each other and instead decided to surprise one another and I was not disappointed!

Rather than doing this in parts, I decided to show it all but expect some posts that focus on certain things like the Disney figures for example and some will be seen again in "Vintage Childhood". So a few will be focused in much more detail than this post!

Lets start with the non toys shall we?

First up are these awesome Dinosaurs cards. I could not believe how many he sent!
These are all of them, one complete set and close to complete other sets. They are on a Disney shelf until I can put them in card sleeves.
This was awesome! I have been wanting one for awhile
and now I have a Viewmaster!
It works perfectly
and he even sent a lot of slides (including The Little Mermaid!)
Next up this cool assortment of figurines! I especially love the cats, but they are all pretty cool!
Then he even sent me these awesome 101 Dalmatians miniatures! These remind me of the old fragile (these are not them as they are plastic) Disney miniatures that Sears had in the 80 and you could make a city with them! I hope to find those one day.
Two of these I stumbled across what they were by accident: G.U.T.S. ! Whats funny is that thgese 2 are from the only 2 sublines in the line that I want. I need to hunt down more from these!

The others are a vintage E.T. and another M.A.S.K. figure (YES!)
A couple of IDEAL toys (still in the package) Alvin and Chipmunks figures! I actually knew of these and wanted some, so this was great!
Full disclosure: I have never seen any of the Tron movies (ok I might have seen the original as a kid but don't remember it) and never saw the cartoon. However I always liked the designs.
This one in particular is pretty sweet and look it lights up! :O
A BEN 10 McDonalds toy! :O As Cassie will tell you, I was a huge Ben 10 fan for awhile (I loved Alien Force and Ultimate Alien) I still like it and plan to get a few of the Playmates figures for my modern Playmates shelf, however its hard to watch as the designs are meh to me lol.
Imaginext Catwoman motorcycle!
Vintage Pac-Man wind-up!
Look he just ate :)
A couple more Fisher Price Adventure Village People (kidding). I had the cop and now I have a construction worker and a fireman! My Fisher Price collection is growing! :)
A bunch of 3 3/4 figures! 2 Cirps figures (I think), a couple firemen, a Corps modern figure, a Snake-Eyes, a vintage motorcycler, a translucent motorcyclist, a unmasked one, another of the motorcyclists that I have been collecting (wow how many varities were made? though this red and white one is my all time favorite thus far!) nd a Zartan mini figure that looks gret with the Transformers ones that I had and that I got!
Misc Disney! 4 W.I.T.C.H. characters from McDonalds (I now have 5 of the 6!), a cool Buzz Lightyear, a Dick Tracy PVC (I now have both versions from the Applause line!), Ariel and Eric (with Sebastion) from McDonalds, and both Hook and the Croc from the Jake and the Nederland pirates line (which I have many from so this was awesome!) I need to track down that last W.I.T.C.H. nd Smee!
Marvel! I loved the Toy Biz era of Marvel toys and was stoked to get Magneto and Bishop! Bishop I had as a kid and will be a part of Vintage Childhood soon!
Another need for disclosure: I have never seen the Toxie movies or the cartoon series but do own 2 issues of the comic. However the designs from the cartoon have intrigued me for years, so getting these 5 was pretty cool. I now have all but 3 of the figures from the line! They are now hanging out with my vintage Turtles and other vintage (ir what I consider vintage) era Playmates figures which includes:
these three! OMG! I finally have some Star Trek toys once again! Up until now all I had in my collection was a Klingon ship from the Star Trek movie (McDonalds). I hope to get more some day but was so excited to get these three! Thank You so much Midnight!
We all know how I have been collecting Batman lately. I now have 2 Batmen from the New Batman Adventures cartoon, A Batman from The Batman (looks great with Firefly) and a Super friends era PVC figure!
Transformers! My first Loyal Subjects TF figure, some more of the Hasbro mini figures (Megatron, Sunstreaker, Soundwave, and an Insecticon - always get their names mixed up lol). As well as a generic green truck, anAnimoprph from Taco Bell who is now with my Taco Bell Cassie, and a Go-Bot (Coptur) which is also the only one I have that was a regular in the cartoon series!
Vintage Childhood group photo! Panda Khan from Yeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mantenna from Masters!
Star Wars! An alien, Chewie from "Shadows of the Empire" (My favorite book), Luke from "Return of the Jedi", and "Clone Wars" Anakin. Plus one of the absolute jewels of this box! Vintage Chewie. I had him as a kid and gave up on ever owning him or any other vintage era SW figure again so I almost cried when I saw this!
The other jewels were this and the next one. Tale Spin! I need 4 more and the Sea Duck to complete this series but I got the two I definitely needed imo: Baloo and Louie! To bad Sher-Khan was never released. :(
A Complete collection of the Darkwing Duck action figures?!

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this here before but my all time favorite Disney cartoon was and still is DW duck! So getting these was an OMG! moment for me. I will be reviewing these later on and I never had them as a kid (I did have the PVCS from cereal though!

That ends another trade with Brother Midnight. Again thank you so much. Brother Midnight, you truly know me.

The 5 days of posts continue with some comics I recently got from a friend and on Friday, the 200th post!


  1. Glad you like it all :) that green truck is a Transformers Bot Shots Brawl (I think its Brawl I have a green megatron that looks just like his so cant remember ). Some how the other 3 toxic crusaders didnt make it in there this time but will be there next time lol

    1. I was wondering about him. Awesome on the other 3 Crusaders, can't wait!

  2. That translucent armed motorcyclist looks very familiar.Is it vintage?

    1. I think he is . If memory serves me he came with a friction type motorcycle like Evel Knievel or team America but it was smaller and maybe push powered instead of having a launcher .

    2. From the way he looks and feels, yes he is and he to felt familiar to me.

  3. Wow! What an awesome assortment. Dalmations and vintage ET. Nice!

    1. Yeah I always get good stuff in these trades (and hope Brother Midnight feels the same way) but this time, he outdid himself!

  4. I have been on the lookout for those IDEAL Chipmunks figures for a while. A friend of mine growing up had some and I always wanted to add them to the collection. Nice haul!

    1. Thank You and yeah I love these Chipmunks a lot.


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