I decided to post this today instead of Friday but New Arrivals is usually posted on Fridays!

Welcome back to New Arrivals, where I showcase my newest additions to my collection and this week will be another theme: Disney!
 I love Sofia the First.For some reason I just think it is a great cartoon even though it is for preschoolers. I normally would not grab puzzle pieces but I liked the scene depicted on it!
Hiiyuck! Goofy here is a bean bag figure from Keloggs cereal. I picked hm up because he was in the $2.99 bag and I had very little f any traditional Goofys in my collection.
I now have 2 different poses for both Mickey (see below) and Minnie here (I also have a Goofy from this line but still missing Donald!) If they weren't in the $2.99 bag I would not have gotten Minnie as I like the other one much better as they are basically the same but in different poses!
See above, except this Mickey I like more than my other one because he is in a more traditional pose with his arms.
My all time favorite version of Mickey Mouse (which is odd as I hate Fantasia - BUT do love the Sorcerer's Apprentice short!) In full disclosure, I have had him a few months now but had not gotten around to show him off so I am finally doing it now! He is currently the centerpiece of the end table he is on in this picture and joined by all his stuffed animal friends from Disney (like Figment the dragon and even the bean bag Goofy I showed off in this post!)

Well that is it for this week even more New Arrivals coming next week and in two weeks get ready for MOTU (He-Man) week!


  1. Sorcerer Mickey is also a prized possession in our household. Can't go wrong with Disney.


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