Welcome to day two of Masters week!
 Today, I Decided to also take a look at the Vintage Masters (and one POP) items that I have gotten over the years. As I did not own these, they were not eligible for vintage childhood.
First off you might recognize the moat. It is a print up of the sticker from Snake Mountain I believe.
BUZZ-OFF (1984) 
Buzz - Off here was my first Masters in modern era (Vintage Masters that is). I now have two and both are missing their wings. The first one I got is with my first Monster High Doll. I love the idea of a humanoid insect and Buzz-Off is really cool and I have no clue why I never owned him as a kid! Especially since he was in the cartoon and I had most of the cartoon characters.
 DRAGSTOR (1986)
The chain is from yesterdays Skeletor. Dragstor here is one of the very few Hordemen that I did not have as a kid. In fact other than She-ra's Entrapta I think he IS the only basic Horde character I did not have as a kid. Brother Midnight is why I have him and Stinkor now by the way. This guy is pretty cool and rolls on the floor, but I can see why I never would want him as a kid. Truthfully, he seems boring. In reality he's awesome. Also due to his action feature, he is much more solid and heavy than a regular MAsters figure and even his legs are different on how they are attached to his crotch (no rubber band included).
 STINKOR (1985)
One of two figures (and the only one that I have currently) that I Was BANNED from having as a kid. Yep you read that right, both Moss Man and Stinkor were banned in my house due to them having scents. If my parents had let me have girl toy lines I bet I would have been banned from owning ANY of the Strawberry Shortcakes as well! I never understood that. Mer-Man was (and still is) one of my all time favs so even though I still do not own ANY version of him, its great to add his repaint to my collection finally after all these years!
WEBSTOR (1984) 
Last up is Webstor. I was shocked to find him complete (and Dragon Blaster Skeletor to) at Goodwill. Well, minus the mini comics of course! I found Zoar that day as well.


Both of the above books were found at a garage sale here in Muncie and were bought by a friend's boyfriend.
This was the first book added to my collection in modern eras and unlike the others, I have read this one. Its basically like that episode from the cartoon and Teela searches for who her mother is if I remember correctly. It is a pretty good and decent read. I found ane read the book in San Francisco.

And here's a look at my displays as they looked when I took the photos:
This is how my first Buzz-Off looks in his display normally.
And now you can see Draculaura! She was my very first Monster High doll!
That is it for today, tomorrow will be even more Masters excitement, see you then!