It is so sad whenever anyone dies, whether they were suffering or not (though if one was suffering it is a little easier to deal with as they are in a better place), however it is even harder when a childhood hero dies. Most people of my era grew up with Adam West as Batman. This is ironic as the show had ended so many years before we were ever born. However; the campy show was on TV so much and he reprised his role in the final season(S) of the Superfriends which did air during my childhood.
I might get into trouble here, but he was not the greatest Batman (Kevin Conroy of Batman the Animated Series has that title), but he was the best live action Batman (though Michael Keaton comes close). He might not have been the first Batman, but the fact that he was abl to pull off such a campy and odd version shows how great he really was. I mean from odd dancing to surfing to fighting off sharks, what other Batman could pull that off?
 Sadly like a lot of actors, he was type casted and in fact most  executives never thought he was that great of an actor from what I have read and thought the show was just lucky.
 If you watch it closely, they were not. The show was written excellently even with the campiness.
I mean they had to do something right for it to air for so many years after it ended and or it to be fondly remembered by so many.
Sure Mr. West played other roles (such as the mayor in "Family Guy") but to me and many others he is Batman.
He was one of the rare actors out there that I could call one of my heroes. The sad thing? I did not even realize it until he was gone. I can't think of many other actors (or actresses) that I felt so bad that I nearly cried when they died (not even Fisher hit me this hard and I got hit hard by her passing).
 This week, I will focus on many roles that he had ( probably won't review his role as the Grey Ghost though but wanted to acknowledge it as it was a great role!) and review his work. This includes Batman and even some roles you might have never heard of. I won't post every day most likely but all week is Adam West. Due to this my regular features will be on hold this week.
 I haven't had a chance to watch his "Reunion" movie yet but they had a sequel planned and have no clue if that will still go forward or not as I have no clue if he had recorded his lines yet.
Farewell Adam West, although we never got to meet, you were one of my heroes and I hope you are well in the big batcave in the sky. Ok I got to go, I am starting to tear up again.

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