Time for another look at 5 toys from my past that I had as a kid and currently have again.
 This bear came in the Play Family Circus Train. I believe the one I had as a kid was my sister's as by the time I got them, we only had the animals (a giraffe, bear, monkey, and a lion and I also had some of the animals from the farm set as well). I've been able to get my hands on the monkey and lion as well. I loved these as a kid and now they are just a wonderful memory from my childhood as these were very early introductions to animals. Something that I love to this day.
 In the early 90's there was a Dick Tracy movie that starred the likes of Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman, Al Pachino, Dick Van Dyke, Madonna, and more. Of course their was merchandise. I had Dick and Flat top from the Playmates line and I had Madonna's character, Prune Face, and this Dick Tracy from the PVC line. I have no interest in the Playmates figures (except one) but I do want the pvc's and I have two now. Dick and Prune Face (who will be in a later volume.) I loved these pvc's and they gave me hours of enjoyment so looking at him now makes me smile.
 M.U.S.C.L.E. MEN (M.U.S.C.L.E. , 1985/1986)
 I loved these miniature figures from Mattel as a kid and really wanted to add some to my collection today. These mean a lot to me. I remember as a kid I Was going to the hospital to get tubes in my ears and either before or after that operation my parents took me to either Lionel Playworld or Toys R Us (TRU), but then it could also have been Children's Palace. I got Slaughter with the Triple T and M.U.S.C.L.E.S. I remember how excited I was to this day! Now I just need some of the colored ones and I'll be done with this line as far as I am concerned. :) Oh and like many other lines in the 80's, they originated in Japan!
 Thank You Brother Midnight!
 The same year that we got Sewer Surfin' Mikey, we also got good ol' Professor Zayton Honeycutt here. He was one of my favorite turtle figures as a kid and I was ecstatic to get my hands  om to him again (thanks to Goodwill). I have no interest in the other versions of him because this gold look IS the Fugitoid to me and not the white color he is in the toons these days.
 Good old Grune. The evil traitorous Thundercat! Getting him recently was a thrill. He was high on my list and I am so glad to have him again. If you look closely, I purpoesly made it so that you could see his 200X counterpart from Bandai!
 This was give to me in a trade with my good friend Brother Midnight!

 The 3 things that were not from trades with Brother Midnight were from Goodwill. I know how lucky I am to find things at Goodwill and don't take it for granted!

 That's it for this week's Vintage Childhood! More next week as we look at my MOTU figures!


  1. Damn,Triple T Tank and M.U.S.C.L.E.....SCORE!I never went to TRU or Kiddie City much as a kid on the count of it being so far.But when i did ,i always made sure to buy oddball figures like Sectaurs ,Bravestarr ,etc.G.I. joes i could find easily at stores that were nearby like K Mart ,Gold Circle .

    1. Well, I was spoiled back then lol. TBH though I think it was the cheap pack of M.U.S.C.L.E.S. lol. Still really want a Triple T tank and a Slaughter again one day.

  2. Loved that Fisher Price Circus Train. I remember the bear, and all the rest. So much fun as a kid. Nice find.

    1. The animals were great and ironically these 3 were the only ones from the circus set that I remember, other than the giraffe. We also had the cow and horse. It is possible that some were bought in the individual packages but colors on some don't convince me that that is the case (and the fact that the individuals were sold after I moved on to GIJOE, MOTU, etc).


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