Due to depression, my relaunch has been delayed and I am sorry but it was (and still is) one of my worst "attacks". I am still depressed and due to this I have asked a guest writer to help me out and hopefully they will post this week. I will be posting at least 2 posts next week. One will be vintage childhood chapter 1 and the other is just a post of me being silly. I am starting to feel better and thankfully had no suicidal tendencies this time thanks to my support system and I am working through it.


  1. Alexis,ya gotta hang in there.Summer's coming along with a bunch of new toys!Spiderman Homecoming Is on my radar, heavy!Gotta get that 3 3/4 figure.Looking forward to the relaunch ;)

    1. I know and I do my best but sometimes depression can be to much. Yes some great toys are coming this summer, I'm looking at you Darkwing Duck pops!


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