Welcome to the first part of what was once Toy Hauls AND is now a weekly feature!
Thanks to Goodwill, I recently got a Donnie from the current TMNT series and that meant I only needed a Raphael! Well, thanks to a friend I now have a complete set (sort of actually). Whats hilarious is my Donnie and Leo are the "Head Droppin" versions, while Mikey and Raph are the "Basic" versions.
The next 4 were from Goodwill and were a late birthday present. Rodan here is the more modern (early 2000's) version and I at first was not sure who it was. I thought it was him but was confused as he did not look like the Rodan I remembered.
King Ghidorah here is next up and I have very little to say but that he is well done.
This is my first ever Gigan and I was excited to add him to my collection.
Lastly, we need a Godzilla do we not? All 4 of these are from Bandai's Godzilla line that was out during the early to mid 2000's.

That's it for this week, but there's a LOT more to come.


  1. Those Godzilla monsters are great!Should look great on display.

    1. They are and they do. I love those guys. Up until finding them, all I had were some Neca mini figures.

  2. Godzilla is always a win. Too bad it wasn't the Shogun Mattel Rodan. Had it as a kid. Sad I no longer do. C'est la vie.

    1. I had a Godzilla as a kid which I loved, but never had a Rodan until Trendmasters' line and that was pre-homeless (so no longer have those anymore) but after I was an adult!


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