Guest Posting: Rose Petal Place

Alexis' friend Cassie here reporting for duty! Today we are going to discuss one of my favorite doll lines. ROSE PETAL PLACE!!!

I remember as a child being told that I was not allowed to have certain toys because I was a "little boy", but as I have grown up and started to recognize my status as a transgender individual I started looking back at the toys that I was not allowed to have. The first one that immediately came to mind was this line. I purchased my first four dolls in this collection about 6 years ago because I had such a deep appreciation for the line and I love all things that are flowers.

The doll line consisted of six main dolls, of which I have four of them.

From left to right: Orchid, Rose Petal, Lily Fair, Daffodil, Iris, and Sunny Sunflower

These are my dolls:

The two that I do not have are Sunny Sunflower and Iris currently, but I plan on getting them soon as I have held off for a long time on getting them.

There was a proposed second wave of these dolls, but they were never released. Prototypes have been found online from time to time, but they are scarce.

You may find their names at the link as well!

There were friends, a villain, fashion, and even playsets made for this line. The one that I am most interested in is the villain:

(see above link for image credit)

She would make a great addition to the collection of dolls and is surprisingly a cool villain in my opinion. A nasty spider queen that hates a bunch of flowers? Sign me up!

There was also six story books published for the series. I currently have one of them! Fun Is All Around You:

I show you this book because I will be reviewing it for
Alexis' Treasures very soon!!! 

Until next time this is Cassie signing off from duty. See ya next time!


  1. I love this line! The only one I had back when they came out was Nastina because she was in the clearance bins at Kaybee toys.

    1. It is a great line. Iris and Lily Fair are my favorites. NASTINA will probably be the last thing I get in the line and then will feel it is complete. I would love to have the playsets, but don't feel they are vital. Oh Kaybee toys now that brings back some childhood memories!


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