Welcome to the first part of a 3 part series. I remember the first Facebook game I ever played, my favorite game, and a spin-off of a very popular game!

 First up is Petville, which was the first Facebook game I ever played.
I purposely stayed away from Facebook games as I had heard how addictive they could be.
However after a friend convinced me to play, I broke my promise to myself and got addicted.
 However it wasn't that hard to get addicted.
 Bewtween the Star Wars themed lost toys that you had to hunt for or
 the Twilight theme, it was pretty fun.
 Over the years I eventually had a great house and backyard.
 I was so happy with my animal jungle in the backyard. Alas all these years later the photos were lost and for this article I had to use images from a Google search.
 Its sad because I put so much hard work into it and even spent real money and have nothing to show for it.
 Petville closed many years ago BUT I Still miss it. I will say this, after the closures of a couple games that I loved and spent real money in, I have sense stopped spending money in games. Its just not worth it as you can lose access to the things that you buy with little to no warning.
I hope that you enjoyed this reminiscing of a long dead game. Next up is a Farm game that still exists in its original form.  


  1. Petville is around still in spirit with Pet City. I discovered it last year and apparantly it's been around since the demise of Petville (so there's years of stuff I missed out on). I decided to make my main realm an old west theme. But I've also made some other rooms with various themes, including an April the Giraffe one. :D

    1. I started playing it yesterday and it does feel like Petville. Thanks for the heads up.


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