Due to running behind this week (Posts are normally Mon, Wed, and Fri now), I had to do this quick post but there will be more coming as Down Memory Lane is now a part of the blog and not only its own section (though there will be updates in that section as well)!
Since summer is upon us (at least in temperatures lol) I thought I would post these pics from my past!
 ME going for a swim
in theneighborhood pool as a kid
ME on the car probably at Disney World but definitely in Orlando! Check out that T-shirt! It was my all time favorite shirt as a kid (I loved the Super Friends and think we got it at the WB store!) Ironically, I was always and still am more (at least in comics and movies) a Marvel fan!


  1. Love that shirt!I'll never forget time spent in my cousins pool as a kid.It was like nothing else in the world mattered.Just having fun while the adults did their thing (usually drinking and laughing it up with the radio playing).

    1. Loved the pool, but think it was more the fact that I hated being in the sun than anything lol that is unless it was night or I was exploring or I was exploring at night!


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