Book Review: Rose Petal Place - Fun Is All Around You!

Cassie reporting for duty here at Alexis' Treasures again. Today we are going to continue talking about Rose Petal Place, but this time we are going to quickly look at the book that I own called "Fun Is All Around You!" 

My copy of the book

When I looked at the price of the books on amazon it appears that I lucked out because it is the one that seems to be going for the most money on there for some reason. The lowest at the time of this writing is a listing at $14.99. There are two listings (for whatever reason Amazon often does this) and the other has the lowest at $21.95. So I feel very lucky that Alexis found this randomly while we were out at Goodwill one time and handed it immediately to me because she knew I was the one with the Rose Petal Place obsession. She saved me at least 13.95 (with taxes and such). 

Based solely on the cover I would say this particular Rose Petal Place is about the character "Orchid" in the Rose Petal Place series. I will see shortly as I am about to read it if I am correct! 

So yes! The book is about Orchid primarily! She is the character shown in this picture, which is from the book as well.
The first thing that I noticed about the book is when you open it up the first two pages you see are character bios, which I think is awesome. I had only seen the dolls and never really interacted with the animated film or the books before thus I was unfamiliar with their personalities. What is weird is I pretty much had created in my mind their personalities and it fits with what these descriptions are. Would have been very weird if they didn't, my entire world could have been upended! ;-) I am making these images kinda large since you may want to read about their personalities yourself!

After these pages of bios is when we get into the book, which has this beautiful title page:

This title page does a good job of showing what the book is about, which is about Orchid deciding that because she purchases a beautiful dress she will throw a lavish party. The issue is, however, she goes a bit overboard. She becomes so obsessed with the party that she forgets to spend any real time with her friends. She slowly starts seeing them out and about while she is planning the party though and slowly starts telling them all about the lavish party she is planning for them to attend.

Orchid discussing her party with Iris

She ends up not getting to have the party because her friend P.D. Centipede forgets to send out the invitations for her. P.D. can be seen in the bios above. Orchid is obviously distraught about this, but Rose Petal comes up with a plan! 

Lily Fair comes up with an idea of a picnic and Rose Petal decides the location!

After deciding they would all have a picnic. They go to the Meadows that Rose Petal decided on and have a great time. In the process Orchid starts being very happy and saying that she is happy she came up with the idea, which resulted in the funniest moment in the entire book to me.


I laughed so hard that this moment was in a children's book. Of course, Rose Petal steps in and stops her from punching Orchid and basically says that Orchid was so upset about the party, so let her have this. You can see Sunny getting held back below:

I was shocked this was in a kids book. I was also a bit surprised because the message of this book seemed to be "you can be mean to your friends and they will want to punch you, but they won't because you should just have fun in life." Wrong message for kids, but I still love the artwork.

Obviously, everything ends happy and no one gets punched. I would have preferred Orchid getting punched because it would have been a better lesson. I do not promote violence, but throughout the entire book Orchid is well mean to her friends. She deserved a swift kick in the posterior region. 

They repeat the bios at the end of the book, so if you didn't catch them when you opened them you will get to see them again. Only difference is that this batch doesn't have the "WELCOME TO ROSE PETAL PLACE" that the other at the beginning has. 


The back cover shows some of the other available books and tells you what this book is about. It was a great first book to read in the series and I am interested in reading some of the others, but hopefully their message to children was a bit better than this one was. 

Back Cover and other books in the series.

This is Cassie signing off for now! I will return later this week with another post and then I will continue posting another weekly posting until the end of the month! See ya'll soon.