Time for another trade with Brother Midnight post!
No Kara, these are not for you!
As always, I got some "surprises" as well as what I was expecting. Honestly, this has to be one of my favorite parts of trading with him as its always fun to see what I got that I do not know is coming.

First off are these miniature figures that look familiar but sadly have no clue where they are from.
Next up are these guys. They are a mixture of Chap Mei and those budget figures that I love finding at Goodwill. The one im yellow is really exciting because he is one of the biker figures that I have but without a molded on helmet!
Imaginext! 2 Monster University ones and Hawkman!
Comic Time!
Two Cyberforce guys, McDonalds Penguin, McDonalds Batman, and a Brave and the Bold Batman mini figure! Note on the Brave and the Bold Batman figures, I actually wanted some of these :)
A different Brave and the Bold Batman mini, McDonalds Riddler, Hulk, Shredder, and Funko Deathstroke! I love Funko figures!
Affleck Batman and Animated Robin/ Dick Grayson figure! The animated Robin was actually on my huge list of wants!
 Secret Wars Spidey bobblehead! He now keeps my Hobgoblin one company!
Herbie, Iron Man (my favorite IM costume), Batman, Green Lantern (My first Ryan Reynolds GL figure)!
Donnie, Leo, and Mikey! This made me giddy as I needed the original versions!
Batman, Penguin, and Batman! I love these versions!
I did a preview with 3 of these, but the other 3 are CORPS! as well, but are modern and I needed all 6 of these!
Yo JOE! Storm Shadow (valor vs venom/ spy troops era costume and movie costume unmasked), Slice, Snake Eyes, Cobra soldier, Dusty, Link, and Dusty. Cobra Commander is there as well. Cobra Commander replaces my other commander. I needed pretty much all the others! I especially needed Storm Shadow as I had various Snake Eyes but NO Storm Shadows for him! On a personal note, I once had the Masked Storm Shadow, Slice, this Snake Eyes, that Cobra Commander, and Link in my collection but they were left behind in San Francisco when I moved and am very happy to finally have them back in my collection!
STAR WARS! Separatist character, Jawa, and Kit Fisto (the clone wars animated version) Needed all 3 characters as I had no version of them! Ironically it has been a Star Wars month (as you will see in a future post) as I found a few Star Wars figures at Goodwill to!
Misc guys! Smurf (had this as a kid!), Gargamel, frog, 2 Yowie birds!, a dino changeable, astronaut (?), troll, Hook from Peter Pan and the Pirates, and 2 more Micro Machines!

The Yowie Birds were awesome and I love the Changeables. Micro Machines I grew up with so always love adding them and a new frog for my display! (Yay!) Plus the Smurfs made me smile as did Hook (now I need Peter Pan from this toon!)
Transformers Minis! Insecticon, Unicron, Ravage, Sharkticon (GNAW), and Black Arachnia!
OMG! Drill Bit, Battle Unicorn, Spittor (Transmetal), Spittor (original), Slappy (Spittor repaint from RID), Jolt, and Scarem! As anyone who follows this blog should know, I am a HUGE Beast Wars fan and gasped when I saw all of these. Only Jolt (and I love any Transformer btw as its one of my favorite toylines) doesn't have any connection to BW as Battle Unicorn is from the spin-off Beast Machines (BM) and Slappy is a BW repaint.
These have been seen before as they were in my first preview post and I showed how excited I was then for these Glo Friends and
these Potato Head kids! Here you see how I got them (as the one next to the mouse lost his feet because I gave them to my baseball player one that I had.
Last up are my first vintage ThunderCats. I had both of these as a kid and as it is my favorite toyline of all time, it is exciting to add these both (The traitor Grune and Snowman from Hook Mountain) to my collection!

Thank You again Brother Midnight!

My April toy hauls are coming soon!


  1. Awesome mix of things there,Alexis!Those vintage turtles are great!!!

    1. I think so to. Yeah Brother Midnight always seems to hit it out of the park with great stuff.


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