Ready for another Goodwill haul?
After an ok month last month, I suddenly  found so much greatness this month!
First off are two more McDonalds Smurfs movie figures (Grouchy and Clumsy). I also found a mini figure of Smurfette (which is ironic as I had none of these until my trade with Brother Midnight and now I find her, a similar thing happened with McDonalds Chageables lol).
Disney Time!
 Jafar with Ilago, Goofy, Belle, Fro-Zone, a Sofia (that I already had but couldnt leave her lol). I also found for 99 cents that Disney Infinity TRU exclusive Crystal Lone Ranger figure that I needed. In fact,the crystal figures are the ONLY ones I was missingin the Infinity 1.0 figures!
A really cool Spider-Man wall ornament and a ring.
It glows in the dark!
As Cassie could tell you, I am a huge BEn 10 fan (or at least was) so adding these two guys to my modest Ben 10 collection was a thrill!
Some misc animals. The monkeys look familiar but no clue where from.
More animals! The lizard is from Littlest Pet Shop and I later discovered that the frog lights up in the "nostrils" and makes realistic noises!
Some cool items including a kids meal rain from Wendy's, a skull eraser,
2 g-i-d bats, a g-i-d styracosaurus, and a sauropod skeleton.
Imaginext bootleg (its small), Birdie the Early bird outfit ty beanie bear, Cat in the hat, and Barney!
Crooked troll, Corps figure (very little articulation), and ninja.
Bionicle and some creature.
Mikey's nunchuks.
McDonald's Lugnutz and a m&m Transformer.
Power Rangers key, Black Ranger, and Megazord.
The key up close.
Yoshi, Minecraft zombie, and boo!
Bumblebee, Batman, Batman, and Katana. With these two, I have completed the McDonalds dolls. There are also Batgirl glasses, a supergirl headband, and WW tiara though.
"Rut roh Reorge!" Denny's Astro, McDonalds Space Jam character, and a kids meal Dino!
These are the highlights of the haul!
Anakin, Luke, Obi-Wan, and a speeder bike.
A frog stuffed figure.
and 2 Care Bears! I didn't keep Grams as my friend really wanted her but I did add USA bear to my collection!

I ended up going back to Goodwill later on in the month and that haul will be coming soon in part 2!


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