It is time to once again open the vault of memories according to the minion!

Today we will visit one of my favorite properties as a kid, but not the version that I grew up with! The year was 2002 and I was still relatively new to being homeless. This was a time that anything from my childhood would be a welcome comfort. One day I went into a comic book shop in San Francisco (Jeffrey's) and found wave 1 of the MOTU 200X line. I Cannot remember who I bought but know that I got some from there. In 2003 I believe, I went back to GA and lost all my MOTU figures (and others) but once I returned I ended up rebuilding them (and most of them I still have from then with the exceptions of the slime pit and monster, Blaster hawk vehicle, and Snake helmet Skeletor that came with the Wolf armor He-Man. I was able to replace Man At Arms recently and BAttle Sound Skeletor was from Brother Midnight, but still miss my Beast Man and Merman!
 As you can see, I have a pretty good collection of them at this point and considering I Was still homeless but managed to hold onto them, its impressive that I still have them.
 You can see Ram Man (repaint) in the back with Syklone and Man-At-Arms. In the very back is a vintage story book!
 Next you see Wolf Armor He-Man (lost his armor years ago) with Classics armor and sword! Behind him is King Hsss.
 Next, you see a classics mini comic behind Evil Lynn and next to her is my only 200X beast, Samurai Battle Raptor and in front of them is Battle Sound Skeletor holding 200X Ninja He-Man's power sword and Classic's Unnamed One's wand. I think he looks pretty good with them.
Finally you have Kobra Khan (who will always be a minion of Skeletor and NOT a snakeman to me lol! Behind him is Trap Jaw!
 I also have the Cosmic Key from Classics Gwildor (one of them) and the McDonalds 200X Beast Man in the display!

So that is a look at my 200X display and some memories with my figures. These are some of the very few figures that I managed to keep throughout being homeless (and might actually be the only ones to be quite honest here).

It would be many years later until I would be able to see the series (though I manage to see a few episodes) in its entirety and I have to say that I actually preferred it over the original BUT I still LOVE the original more than most cartoons.

I guess that is it for today as the minion is telling me to wrap this up.... 
More to com soon....


  1. oh yikes Jeffrey's had some high mark ups on stuff! When these hit the shelves I was in Japan and once I came back I just didnt have an interest in American toys so I never bought any of them new.

    1. Yes they did and thats why most of the time I only got the rare stuff there, at least until TRU closed, then I had no choice lol.


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