It's time for another Goodwill toy haul. This one is from Valentine's day and is great as it has alot of things that I love now and as a kid! (see what I did?)

 "Time to open the Vault...."
 I found this frog, he is extremely tiny as you can see in the above photo with the minion.
 I also found this dinosaur skeleton, cause you can't have to many skeletons correct?
 A triceratops.
 A frog.
 A fern.
 A Christmas miniature that brought back memories since we had stuff likr this when I was a kid. Plus I saw them in the store back then! He still had the gold sticker with the price!
 A mini figure.
 A Thomas and friends train that I actually already had. 😾
 I picked up the Camp Rock keychain thing that goes with my High School Musical one!
 A Lightning McQueen figure.
 These I almost left as I told myself I Would never buy the Angry Birds Star Wars figures but these minis were too cute. I found R2-D2!
 Star Wars Rebels Miniature
 A McDonalds Bionicle figure.
 A figure from Small Soldiers. He was a fast food premium.
 Dinosaurs figure! I never had her but did have the Baby and "Not the Mamma" Earl as a kid. She is the first in my modern collection and works!
 Venom McDonalds meal toy!
 Ronald floating meal toy.
 McDonalds Minion (who is now my blog's spokes minion as he goes great in front of the ruins playset.)
 Another Arby's Mr. Men!
 A dolphin.
 Some bendie.

These are the gems in my honest opinion and the only reason I bought a $2.99 bag in the first place!

 Pink In Space Ranger. No longer works but might look into fixing. Right leg broke but can still stand.
 Gold Beetleborg! I was so excited as I loved the show and had NOTHING representing it. This was released for the second season when Drew (I believe was his name) gained gold powers! However this is just a repainted blue (first season look for him) beetleborg and not show accurate.
 These last 3 are the "REAL" gems as I am a HUGE Tommy fan!
Red Zeo Power Ranger (the Mighty Morphin' version!)
 Tommy the Ninja Ranger! (I actually owned this one as a kid - as well as the pink space ranger and the last figure here....)
The White Ranger from the Movie McDonalds protion. This was exciting as I already owned his Falconzord that he came with in that promotion!

Well I guess the minion thinks it is time to close the vault for today! I'll be back with yet another Round Robin Challenge and March's toy Haul later this week....


  1. I'm not a big mini figure guy but I do love 80s PVC.I'm thinking about starting a side collection.

    1. I love 80s pvcs and only have a few currently, however I also love mini figures lol!


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