I planned to post this on Thursday (as I didn't get paid until Wednesday) but got sick and just glad I am feeling well enough to post this right under the wire....

This challenge is from last week and is from Toy Break! The challenge is:
"Now we get to relive that magical moment!Your mission Is to go out and pick up any cartoon/movie themed food item and review it!Snap pics of  the food contents within.Is it fairly priced?Does It live up to the hype?How well does It represent the characters on the  box?How  does It taste and would you recommend ? "

 I was going to do this on the Star Wars cereal (tastes just fruit loops) but couldn't find any, so I instead went with the new "princess" cereal. Full disclosure here, I have had it b4 and got the same box last time lol, I love Ariel what can I say?
 Its really cool because it has that foiled glittery look.
 The back has a find it game and you can even cut it up to create a photo frame!
There are 4 boxes available....
When you open the box, you are greeted by this.
There are only 2 marshmallow styles and from what I understand all 4 "box" varieties are exactly the same.
This is a bummer because how great would it be to get Flounder, Ariel, Sebastian, or even trident marshmallows? The cereal it self  look like hearts and one of the marshmallows look like crowns (which is odd for Ariel because she doesn't wear one). The creal itself is strawberry and gets annoying after awhile. I would recommend this for people who like strawberry flavored stuff or princess fans but not anyone else. I don't drink milk so I have no clue how it tastes wet. It is fairly priced at $2.99 which most cereal this size are priced at these days.
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  1. I want a cereal that's nothing but marshmallows. Then I would drown it in chocolate milk.

    1. That would be great but doesn't that exist by just buying a bag of marshmallows? I do however feel that cereal should have more than what they do though!


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