Time to open up the vault for yet another toy haul!

 First up is a vhs tape of Filmation Ghostbusters!
 Next up is this cute magnet of Daisy and Minnie!
 One of the Chipettes. Now I just need one more to have them all!
 This was a cake topper but I think I will put it on my door!
 Some accessories
 Arby's Mr Men figure!
 Cardboard fish
 McDonalds (?) Skylanders!
 Wooden Kanga
 more frogs!
 Octopus thing
 Human Torch from McDonalds!
 Bat signal
 of course.....
 Imaginext Batman
Bakugan like Iron Man
 McDonalds Bulkhead
 Energon Skyblast (minus wings)
 Rescue Bots Dinosaur Bumblebee
 Animal Planet helicopter. This was exciting as it came with the ruins playset that I found at Goodwill back in December. It also reminds me of the Cobra Fang vehicle or at least a repaint of it after Tiger Force got a hold of it :D
And Finally MCDonalds Panthor!

Thats it for now.....


  1. Love that helicopter ! I need to find one for my Hazard vipers.

    1. I think its also available in some of the smaller sets but not sure. It is pt of the Animal Planet line at TRU! I was so excited to find it myself!

  2. Funnest. Goodwill. Toyhauls. Ever.

    Alexis - you really do find a lot of fun stuff.


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