Welcome to Part one of my Late December/January Toy haul. I was able to get this stuff thanks mostly to Christmas money! I have said it before but I love Goodwill! This stuff in this post was mostly bought right before Christmas and was almost all from $2.99 bags. In case you don't have the set-up that we do, I thought I would explain them. There are these bin-like shelves and everything in them (as long as they don't have stickers as some people throw toys in them that do not belong there grrr) you can put in a bag that you can get for $2.99. It is mostly junk but as you have seen, it does have gems if you dig through it. Sometimes I have things in them that I would otherwise not get, but that is to fill them up and get my money's worth and I always love them later on like my vintage Playmobile's!
SO I had these Smurfs for awhile, but I finally found a house that belongs to them! I only added them in this pic for scale.
 I had one of these the other 2 now!(but decided to add him to the pic to show the trio!) and am glad to have
 More Decos for various displays (all but the tub are in my G. I. JOE display currently)
 These are also parts of my displays now.
 I had the trumpet Raisin and did buy a second but he looks good next to the duplicate. I also grabbed the skating raisin! Abu is from the vintage Aladdin line and that Santa ornament I later discovered was a Hallmark ornament from the 80s i believe!
 A bunch of Disney goodies! MAlificent from McDonalds, Aladdin pvc, Bear from McDonalds, Dalmation from McDonalds, two Sofia figures, a Little Mermaid toy camera, the fairy Godmother from Cinderella, and Buzz! Note: I bought that Sofia thinking it was a duplicate but it is actually a little different from the one that I had already owned!
 Two anime figurines. No clue who they are!
 Imaginext. I have to say that the Goodwill bags have more than doubled (or close to it)my Imaginext collection! Those PEnguins are from a Batman Imaginext set!
 McDonalds Toys! Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle, a 6 legged electronic horse, Ronald, Wicked witch, a Winx, and a Shopkin.
 A few more cute Littlest Pet Shop figures. I later discovered that the first one in the pic glows in the dark!
 Squeaky frogs, a lizard, a book from Ever After High's toy line, Christmas Draculaura, A yellow kids meal robot, 2 PAw Ptrol's, a tiger (that goes with that bear I have), 2 Hello Kitty's, a pony, a lizard, and a Bunny Bendie!
 A Mummy duck and bear. As well as a Christmas Cabbage Patch kid poseable figure!
 My Peanuts movie McDonald's collection is nearing an end. I found the Snoopy that balances on that woodstock nest set (after buying the wrong Snoopy for it lol) and also found a Woodstock bobble head!
 With this bobbler I now need just one more to have all 12!
 Marvel! Electro from Spider-man movie, Captain America (missing shield), and Spider-man from the 90s toon (unfortunately he does have biting damage 😾) all 3 are from McDonald's. Also a glider and web accessory and a Spider-man III clip!
 Transformers! Rescue Bots Bumblebee figurine, McDonalds Optimus truck, Ultra Magnus figurine, and a McDonald's G.I.Joe movie vehicle!
 Finally completed the Turtle Tops line with the Shredder, only to start a new McDonald's line with space Raph!
 I showed Marvel and now I show you DC! McDonald's Superman Hot Wheel, Cyborg (robot eye lights up), Razer (no longer lights up) from the short lived Green Lantern cartoon, Batmite, Joker, and Flash from Brave and the Bold, and the Green Arrow from the new Justice League cartoon! Batmite is actually a duplicate.
 Hanna Barbera! Papa Smurf from the Jakks Pacific movie line, Scooby Burger King toy, Bugs Bunny figurine, Scooby-Doo talking Burger King toy (no longer works), Female Tax=z ornament, Movie Yogi Kids meal toy, and a McDonald's Smurfs II toy!
 Misc Stuff! Green bat, Army guy, Undertaker, wrestler, Samurai Red Ranger from McDonalds, A tractor, Applause Amidala, Clone Trooper, and Baby Fozzie's rocking horse from McDonalds! Baby Kermit is riding it until I can reunite Fozzie with it!
 Getting to the best. I was excited to find that movie Batman because I finally was able to reunite him with that jet pack! On a side note, I actually owned that figure as a kid! Also they reused that backpack a few times. That Batman animated figure is from the Kenner line.
 The bunny has some discoloration on the ears but is actually a vintage figure, also got his buddy there. The dog is really cute and although Ernie has seen better days, I had him as a kid so I had to buy it!
 I have never owned Playmobiles and never liked them but after finding these pre mid 80s (I know this not because of the copywrite date which can be misleading as it is the date of the mold's first use and not the release year, but because their arms are straight and not bendable), I have to say they have warmed me over.
 Last Up are these! The creature is from Yu-Gi-Oh, the others are Rogue from X-Men (owned as a kid), Vintage Leonardo, Hulk Hogan that has seen better days, and Tigatron (Which I also owned once before back when he first came out) from Beast Wars!
Well, that is it for now, next week expect Part 2!


  1. Good stuff!That Hogan thumb wrestler Is awesome.

    1. Thank You lol! I had no clue where he was from, wow LJN made wrestling toys? I got it mostly because I'm a Hogan fan and been wanting something of him.

  2. Replies
    1. I was shocked. He's in perfect condition, like he's never been played with before. He is only missing his tail/gun.

    2. I now have 3 "store" Beast Wars and all were from Goodwill/ thrift stores. Heck my 2 McDonalds BW eras (Beetle from BW and Cheetor from BM) were from Goodwill!

  3. Replies
    1. Wait until you see the next two "Goodwill" posts! When I was seperating my Goodwill purchases for those I really saw how much I really get because I got about $16 from Target/Wal-mart (most were even clearanced!) as well and wait unti you see the difference!

  4. Wow. Nice haul. What a group of treasures.

    Ernie from the Fisher Price Sesame Street playset - had that too as a kid.

    1. Yeah I am always shocked by the finds at Goodwill, but ironically the best is yet to come!


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