I'm late this week, but I had a hard time with this one. I don't shop online so I never know the online prices lol. So why do I need them? to calculate prices for this week's challenge!

This week's challenge comes from my friend Brother Midnight over at Green Plastic Squirt Gun (link in the link area of this post)

"Surprise inheritance:  A long lost and previously unknown to you relative has left you the healthy sum of $5000.00 with the stipulation that you have 24 hours to use it on you're choice hobby or it will be sent to a charity dedicated to gold plating the light switches of millionaires. You cant let those one percenters take your inheritance! Lets spend some money!"

So as I said this was pretty hard for me, but I think I did well. I should point out in reality I would just get loose but in some cases I could not find them loose.

All images and prices are from Ebay and in most cases I averaged them as some prices as usual are all over the place!
 My all time favorite version of the Commander. I have no idea why but he is! I really want to add him to my collection! He goes for $115 carded!
 My all time favorite G. I. Joe! Falcon here goes for $50.
 This convention set from the Gijoe Collectors club goes for $350! I think it is great and want it because of the headhunters! I'd love them and the vintage painted versions so I can have a great display of the joes taking down Headman's forces!
 I have this convention set up here because I really love the Tiger Force and if you can't tell (Castle Destro, not Cobra Castle is my GIJOE display) I love Destro. I have no Tiger Force in my collection yet (I really want the vintage ones bad) but made a judgement call on picking this set due to whos in it and how cool it is. It goes for $500!
 This red Storm Shadow was released in South America and has the unfortunate name of Satan. I want him and many other of the vintage foreign exclusives. This guy goes for $400!
 This guy is in the Gijoe collectors club store but I chose ebay for this (around same price and I'd have to join the club. I love this because its the commander as Old Snake and transforming B.A.T..S! It is $72.
 I want this GIJOE/Transformers crossover set not because  of the Starscream colored jet (does not transform), but because of the figures!
 A gijoe sized Bludgeon and ravage? Awesome! Its $190!
 This guy goes for $160 and is from Botcon 2001. Its a repainted Transmetals Cheetor. Tigatron was originally repainted from the first Cheetor so this is fitting and I have that Tigatron so I'd love this one. Plus as you probably already know, I love Beast Wars!
 The Toys R US release of Rodimus Prime (my favorite Transformer) goes for $65. Honestly I want every Rodimus/ Hot Rod someday. Never gonna happen though.
 Skullgrin here was the only Pretender that I had and to this day is my favorite! I really want to add him to my collection someday. He goes for around $30.
 I don't have any vintage Thundercats yet but in this fantasy, I'd buy the Thundertank (which I had as a kid), it goes for $200!
 I also had the fistpounder and would also buy it. It goes for $100!
 This Snarf from Burger King was my Snarfer as a kid. I really want him again and saw him for $16.50!
 I love erasers as anyone who reads my blog knows and would gladly add these to my collection of them. It goes for $44!
 Now we are in the PreEternia beasts! Turbodactyl is the only one that I owned but to this day is my all time favorite beast from He-Man (and yes I did own Battlecat, Panthor, and technically we could count SwiftWind!) I want him again so bad. He goes for $295 boxed but I have seen him loose for under $100! For this I'd go boxed though, I mean look at that artwork!
 Might as well get them all. Bionatops here goes for $210 and
 Tyrantisaurus Rex goes for $165 loose.
 I love Dino-Riders. However O also love Dimetrodons so of course I want this guy. He goes for $40!
 $300 is one of the cheaper prices I found for a complete T-rex from Dino-Riders. Other than the Ice Age creatures, this was the one I wanted the most as a kid!
We'll finish it up with C-3p0 and R2-D2 from Droids. These are my favorite looks (at least for 3p0) They go for around $1800 for both!

All together that is around $4,902.50. So what about the last $97.50? That charity? No way!
 The rest goes toward accessories for my GIJOE diorama/display. So thats what I would get.

Here's what others chose:

The rest of my toy haul from earlier this month and the 13th is coming this week. Sorry for the delay, that and more articles and cool reviews!


  1. Great selections! a few of those are things I also want.

    1. We really do seem to like the same things sometimes lol as some things on your list I want as well.


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