I have a decent Sofia The First collection as you know by now. Ironically though, this particular Sofia is in my Little Mermaid display, mostly because Ariel guest in the first episode that she was a mermaid.

Th packaging is typical and has a window so you can see the figure that is inside, as well as her accessories.
If you flip it over, you can see the other figures that were in this series.
The likeness is very good and looks like Sofia! Her articulation is the same as the other Sofia's in this scale for the most part. Her head goes left to right and her arms go up and down. Because she has a tail though, she has another feature. Although I have her sitting here, You can bend her tail to have her stand.
She comes with 2 accessories. The first is a mirror that has a sticker as the reflective material and the other is the sea horse from that episode. I was excited when this pack came out as up to this you had to buy a playset to get this Sofia. Since this was released though, other Mermaid Sofia sets including a Pvc like set have been released. Although I bought this awhile back ago, she is still available at places like Target, Toys R Us, and Wal-Mart.
Here is Mermaid Sofia next to her regular version. I have Mermaid Sofia propped up so that you can see how much taller she is and should be to, I might not have grown up with Sofia, but she is definitely a favorite of mine and if you have not seen an episode yet, I strongly recommend it.

Tomorrow begins Holiday Universe!


  1. If you love the "Disney Princesses" you also should watch a few episodes because they sporadically appear throughout the series as helpers to Sofia!!! Alexis didn't mention that :P

    1. Cassie's rights and I forgot to mention that. In one case, a non princess showed up (Olaf!) Yeah her amulet allows them to help (and usually sing a song) her see the solution to her current problem. They never appear for more than a few minutes tops but they do feel that they are important to the story line!


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