"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Oh wait. SO like October, where I did a post everyday, I plan to do one in December until Christmas, but a little differently. More on that soon.
First let me show off last year's Advent Calendar. This thing was so cool and the first yer that I did this.
Here is what I got. For the most part I thought it was pretty cool. I liked getting the light, clock, presents, etc. My favs were the snowman, Santa, and dog! My least favs were the oversized toy space shuttle and plane. They look so out of place and might eventually put them with my six inch figures. They would be the only Legos not in the Lego displays lol.
I also got these (minus the train driver.)

So back to the point of this post. Why take a look at these? Well I had so much fun last year that I picked up another one this year:

So every day in December until Christmas, I will take a pic of the item for that day and post my thoughts on the individual item! I plan to post them at noon eastern. Also, this will not be all. Expect Midnight posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  almost everday and most will be holiday themed.


  1. Enjoyed the sneak peek. Hope you get some awesome stuff in your advent calendar. Also can't wait to see what Christmas postings you have during the month since this is the most wonderful time of the year.

    1. I am waiting to open them on the day of, but knowing i'll be to busy on the first I already opened it and can say :( starting meh for me lets hope it gets better!

      i have a lot planned for December and some non Christmas posts (like Sofia) that got pushed back lol. Doing my best to keep most of December in theme though and definitely will be doing at least a week of holiday media reviews.


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