So, it's been about a day now since Trump got elected as our president.

 I rarely talk politics, but I decided that I had to make an exception to get this all out now.

  I am worried about the country honestly. I am concerned about Trump himself, but I'll get to that in a minute. My main fear is this guy:
  I have had to deal with Mike Pence for awhile now. Why? Because he was the Governor of Indiana, any guesses on where I live? HE passed the Religious Freedom Act very quietly and eventually it had to be reworded due to outrage, why you might wonder? It gave businesses the right to discriminate on LGBT. Legally you could be told you could not shop or eat there. Eventually enough complained and it was reworded, but yeah that is our new Vice President!
  Early on I was concerned but knew it could change at any minute.
 However it did not and Clinton lost :(

 I am willing to wait and see what will happen next, but then again what choice do I have? I have been depressed all day long and still am. This man is a sexist, wants to do away with SSI (thank God, Senate and Congress would never allow it), get rid of Obama Care, and wants to due away with gay marriage and other LGBT rights. So you bet as a transgender that is on SSI, I am scared as hell right now. I even heard that last night the Canadian Immigration website broke due to so many people looking up the information they need to move there. So yeah I am most definitely not alone in worrying!
 Well, I might not be thrilled but he is our president so to all those who wanted him, congrats. I will say that because he is not a politician it might be better than I fear but now, we will have to just wait and see,


  1. Tomorrow I may post finally about this myself, but I have needed a few days. I need some time to just be okay.

    1. I understand, I waited a day so I could deal with it.

  2. I think the one redeeming quality is that he isn't a politician , because of him pulling off becoming president things are going to change if not for no reason other then people taking a closer look at the system to make sure this doesn't happen again .Though I will say that what he has planned for the income tax looks pretty good (I have had life long problems with the IRS)


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