Once again it is time for the weekly Cool And Collected Pop Culture League challenge! This week's topic is:

"Red State/Blue State

Snap a red and/or blue themed photo."
 I was thinking a bit about what I would snap and decided to do multiple pics, including the first idea that came to my mind:
The Smurfs.
 I have a small collection of them but it is slowly growing.
Then I just grabbed all of the blue I could to do these pics :) I do have a lot more!
 A couple Lego's, Captain Crunch, Hot Wheels (including a vintage one from the 80s!), and 2 ecto-mini ghosts from ghostbusters!
 Headless Horseman and Scourge.
 Blue Ranger stuff, Fry Guy, Mr. Bump from the Mr. Men books, Cinderella, Sofia, Cinderella doll, Rainbow Dash (McD's), and also from McD's Wobuffet.
 Monster from Jim Henson, Frost Giant, Blue Beetle, Cap, Supergirl, Superwoman
 ThunderCats from 2011 series. I know some non blue in there but I did not wish to remove them from the thunder tank!
 Thrilling 30! Ultra Magnus
 Blue Garbage Pail Kids!
 Shark from Mutant Mania!
 Cookie Monster
 A couple Christmas dolls from McDonalds featuring Goofy and Minnie Mouse!
 Blu-Ray Collection 01
Blu-Ray Collection 02
 Baby Dragon
 Care Bears
And lastly Captain America. R.I.P. Disney Infinity.

That's it for today, Wednesday at Midnight I do part 2 of my hauls with a toy haul!

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  1. You absolutely need a bigger smurf collection! I thought you had more for some reason. I also loved seeing some of the movies you have bought on BLU-RAY since most of them I had no clue you owned like "The Devil Wears Prada", which is one of my faves!

    1. I forgot one lol Ghostbusters 2-pack lol On Smurfs it might be because I have Papa Smurf and Smurfette's house on why you thought it was bigger or the fact that they are on different shelves so looks like more lol

    2. Agreed. Can't go wrong with more Smurfs. I highly recommend the Hardees glasses. Great items that display really well.

    3. I wanted to get Looney Tunes glass I saw with Cassie but it was 9 bucks lol. She can tell you that I was sad as it was the Road Runner!

  2. great stuff ! I need to toss a couple dozen 80's smurfs your way :)

    1. lol, I had some of the 80s smurfs products as a kid but now its all modern.

    2. If Alexis doesn't want them, I'd certainly be happy to take them off your hands.

    3. I worded that badly lol. I meant right now all I have is modern but yeah I'd love me some vintage smurfs. :)

  3. Oh man,I kind of miss my Bandai Thundercats :(

    1. I miss my Tower of Omens (still have the invisible Tygra), My Mumm-Ra Storm Charger (still have the Mumm-Ra lol), and the Lion-o Armor (that gold Lion-o I do not miss lol)

      I still hope to get my hands on Sslithe and the Tiger Flyer with Tygus cheap one day as they are the only figures that I have no version of. I also hope to get some vintage one day. Funny story I have owned that thundertank since it came out and JUST found out a few months or so that it had sounds lol

  4. very innovative- I never even thought about "blu-rays" -like what you did there

    1. Thank You :) I was trying to think of a non toy thing to add.

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  6. I loved the Smurfs as a kid and still love them today! That Cap N' Crunch figurine is sweet!


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