It is once again Monday and you should know what that means, it is once again time for Cool and Collected's Pop Culture League Challenge! I decided to have some fun. This week's challenge is:

"Future Collectibles

What will be the hot collectible in 2046."
  I immediately racked my brain and then decided on 3 things! After the big laws of 2036 and 2045, two big things became collectible. As seen above, one was erasers. The Senate banned companies from making erasers based on entertainment properties in 2036. This was very similar to the law that banned cartoons based on toys. After almost a decade, collectors started to go crazy and begin buying licensed erasers. In fact this set of erasers went for 1 million dollars on Ebay 5000 on July 1, 2046. Truth be told, keeping inflation in mind, it only was 1 hundred dollars current time equivalent.
 The next collectible would be skeletons! After the law of 2046 was passed, lifting a ban on skeletons being made of animals that was passed in 2017, collectors went crazy and started buying every thing they could. In fact, skeletons bought for $1-$6 present day were now worth millions (see above about inflation, but still a good profit.)
The last collectible would be Time Chips! Like pogs these are the biggest fad, unlike pogs these can be used to go back in time!

Seriously though, my guess would be whatever kids in 2026 love is what will be collectible in 2046. 90's things are now more collectible because that generation is older and something similar should happen in 2046 to.

I hope you enjoyed my attempt at being funny and then serious, if you did or did not, why not check out my fellow league members' ideas on this very topic?

Looks like Cassie is sitting out this week, but check her site out anyway as she does great posts. You can enter the library HERE!


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    1. I know :( That was such a bad 29 years! The worst part? There was no warning! The law just appeared right before Halloween decorations went out so no one could even stock up :O Supposedly millions of skeletal animal decos were destroyed due to the law

  2. I love the animal skeletons. I bought a bunch of skeletal scorpions on clearance at Target. Will be great diorama fodder.

    1. Sadly Target was out of the 2 I wanted (Gator and Snake). I love the skeletal animals myself. If the last 2 yrs are any indication, I'll be getting one per yr at target lol. Last year got rat, this year the frog lol



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