I Don't normally post news here, but felt I should on this one! Recently it was announced that Funko was giving Super 7 back the reaction name. This was announced on November 10. Sadly this means many lines will never be. R.I.P. Star Trek:TNG. We will probably never get a third wave of Nightmare Before Christmas and others. :( Chucky which was coming has also been confirmed to be cancelled. So what could be good abut this news? Super 7 mostly sells from their website so this could mean more figures. Also it means the MOTU and Street Fighter figures that everyone calls reaction anyway will most likely become Reaction. The bad thing is that Funko has the rights to more licenses than Super 7 :(

 I understand Funko's reasoning behind this though. I have mentioned in replies on other blogs that Funko put Reaction on hiatus for awhile to restructure it. That is why it took so many years for wave 2 of Nightmare Before Christmas! The other thing is I have been keeping an eye on threads on a Funko forum that were answered by Reis (one of the designers) himself. So all the info I have said was from what I read from him there. From what I gather, Raction did not do that well. That was the reason for the hiatus! They decided no more modern licenses and in the end they gave it up. Again makes sense to me. I am not sure if this was a Funko or Super 7 decision (as Super 7 did start the Reaction line.) The other bad thing though is not only having to pay s/h but Super 7 figures cost $15 and the Funko ones cost $10. This is why I have yet to pick up the MOTU figures in this style.

From Reis O'Brien himself (You can check this out on the Funko Funatic forums in the reaction q thread:
Hey gang, just to answer some questions;

Yes, Super 7 is taking over ReAction from here on out. I couldn't answer any questions until the deal was finalized. 

Basically, this means that anything we may have previously listed as upcoming has been cancelled. 

As for what Super 7 may have planned, I have no idea. They will have to go through their own channels in order to obtain new licenses for ReAction. At this point, Funko is no longer involved in any ReAction production or distribution.

On a personal note, we are very proud of what we've done with ReAction over the past few years and I'll always looks back on this project as one of my personal highlights. The amount of things we've learned from this is staggering. 

Funko is NOT out of the action figure game by any means. We have tons of new action figure projects planned. But we are completely done with the ReAction game and the E.T. 3-pack will be our final release.

I sincerely thank you all for the support and have no fear that Super 7 will continue to benefit from the devotion you have all shown the ReAction line. 


 So what do you all think about this news? Good news or bad?


  1. I never ever saw then in stores , only twice I found some loose in goodwill so it doesnt hurt me at all.

    1. I see them all the time. Lol. I See them at TRU, Booksamillion, and F.Y.E. I knew they were in danger even before reading the forums because WM And Target stopped getting them.

  2. Doesn't bother me one bit to be honest.The 10 dollar price tag was too steep for a figure with minimal paint apps and 5 poa,imo.

    1. While I agree about the price (I mean the new Funko line with better culpts and paint apps and has 9 POA is also $10), but now they will be $15 through Super 7. The good thing is Funko still will be making 3 3/4 in their 9 POA line and if the Game of Thrones and Suicide Squad figures are any indication, they will be awesome.

      I am kind of happy but will mourn over no Nightmare series 3 so we will never see the trio (Lock, Shock, and Barrel) completed. Makes me glad that I only have 3 from that series!

  3. The only figures I liked out of this line were the Dark Crystal ones. Most were poorly sculpted and just were not appealing in an age of better figures.

    1. Ironically, the Dark Crystal were Reaction in name as they had better sculpts (as did Nightmare series 2) As you know I loved this line!


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