All 10 of these fast food premiums are recent purchases and the last 3 are epic imo.
 Handy Smurf! This is from McDonalds and is from the Smurfs film. He came with a board originally, I only know this because I actually had him once before ;)
 This bag clip is also from McDonalds and is from the Tigger Movie! I have another one that I got that same day that will be featured here.
 Snoopy here is from Wendy's I believe.
 This is one of those flip cars and is from McDonalds and  is from the cartoon version of 101 Dalmations I believe.
As I have only seen one or so episodes I am not one hundred percent on that one!
 This is pretty epic :) Cassie was with me when I found this at a thrift store here! This California Raisin is from Hardees and is one of the PVC's they made and I had this guy as a kid! This is my second California Raisin but my first of this scale! I had found some previously but people wanted ridiculous money for them like 2 or 3 for 10 bucks I believe.
 SO I actually had this Bobby!
 But I upgraded him by getting the race car facade!
 This is from Burger King and the Goof Troop movie!
 Remember just awhile ago I mentioned that I wanted the nuggets? hehe. Right before Halloween, literally a day or two after that post was written I found this guy and the clown and then later I found the spider.
 I had to do some digging to find her costume
 and Ronalds.
I even found an extra Ronald nugget w/o costume for Cassie. :)
 All 3 of these are from the third series (second Halloween series) and the only series I never owned before.
Here is a sneak peek: It is from my collection walk through, yep it is still coming in fact I just need to record my Monster High and other dolls area and i'll be finished with filming and can begin editing. I hope to be done by the next week or two. It is going slowly for many reasons like exaustion, school, my cat knocking things down and more but it's coming!


  1. Im looking forward to seeing your collection

  2. I know I have seen your actual toy room, but I have to say I am interested in seeing how you show it on here! Can't wait and great items that you found!

    1. The way its looking, there might be two videoes as I am just about finished with the new look and I changed alot to the point that NOTHING is the same lol. I'm thinking the older look will be exclusive to my youtube and the newer look will be posted here!


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