So last week, we did that red state/ blue state challenge and I put together a post featuring blue things, BUT I forgot to add this guy.
So what is it????????????  Exactly! So in 96, Atlanta got the summer Oympic games. Any idea where I lived in 96? This was a huge deal in Georgia.
I was excited as well. However this was before I actually became a fan of the olympics and gravitated towards Izzy! Originally his name was whatizit I believe. Unlike other Olympic mascots Izzy became a kid favorite and went down as one of the most hated Olympic mascots of all time by adults.
He even had an animated special on the Turner networks.
Here he is in costume.
He had many pvcs made.
I had one as a kid but none of these mine was him running. However recently I was at Goodwill with Cassie and she held up a plush figure and was like what is this? My jaw ht the ground. It was Izzy! I immediately had her throw it into our cart.

Here is the image that I forgot to include last week and the only Izzy item that I currently own.

Most of the images are from eBay and wiki!

Later today should be this week's Pop Culture Challenge, Wednesday should be the next post after that! My collection walk through is planned for a Thenksgiving release at this point!


  1. I did find out that I have the video game here at the house!!! I will have to let you play it sometime. I played it a few minutes and it reminded me a little of "Sonic" honestly.

    1. I am not surprised as he is supposedly hunting rings. Sure its pretty basic but can't wait to play it!


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