*The reason for the second part of the title in this post is that it is a joke. Cassie is the main reason why I buy books now and on her blog she always adds a "OR" and then another title to each of her posts . I also got permission from her to do this before doing it. I just wanted to clarify for those who do not get the joke.

After a brief almost week long hiatus after being worn out from real life, school, and my 31 days event, I am back!
 This is the first time I think I am doing a dedicated book haul post (though I did add a video cassette to this post at the end) but I rarely get so many books. Almost all of these books were bought at a thrift store here called Buy The Pound. The rest were Goodwill.
Here is a look at my haul :O Cassie will tell you that this is unheard of for me!
 I actually put this back but Cassie said no and bought it for me because she knows my love for the Road Runner!
 I got this because like Cassie I collect these books.
 I was happy to add it to the previous one that I have owned for awhile now.
 This was a HUGE find. I say that because I actually had this as a kid!
This to was a huge find as I have been wanting it but refused to pay the price, I got this really cheap.
 I have been trying to find some old Disney Adventures, though this is newer than I am hunting for, I was thrilled to add it to my collection!
 Family Circus
 Yogi Bear!
 Dink video!
Well that is a look at my book haul and one vhs! Although I collect vintage books I blame Cassie for my sudden interest. However; is that really such a bad thing?

 Wednesday, I'll be showcasing my toy haul and I think I got some cool things and Friday is the return of fast food premiums (All 10 featured items were bought at the same time as the items in my book haul and toy haul posts!) and later today should be the pop culture league challenge! 


  1. So glad we found that TEDDY RUXPIN book since it was the only one I felt guilty that I had and you didn't since it is basically the actual partial story of TEDDY RUXPIN, but now we both got it so I can breathe easier ;-) I also like that I am getting you to step a little bit outside of your norm. It is good to do that from time to time.

    1. I agree on Teddy and outside my norm. I am actually reading occasionally to and not because I have to in classes! :O

    2. Which is really a total shock! lol It is good to read outside of class so you can get and remember a love for reading that isn't mandatory to get a good grade!


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