Almost a year ago Mattel shocked everyone by releasing new body types in their Barbie line.
As a "plus size" person, I just had to get a "Curvy" version. They have released about 4 or so versions now but this is the one that I picked up earlier this year (and just getting around to review her lol).
The packaging is the same for all "Fashionistas" Barbie figures. You can see the doll and it is even cooler for her as you can see that she is much more chubby than your average doll!
Her face is a typical Barbie doll looking head. I Chose this one as I wanted one that looked like Barbie.
Her hips are wider and she is chubby. I really love this figure. Her articulation is also very good and is the typical articulation for a Barbie doll. In an age where Mattel was under scrutiny for Barbie giving  unrealistic body type images to girls, it is shocking that it took them THIS LONG to do this. They also released a petite body type and a tall one (which is funny in the box as she is so tall for it). I highly recommend these body type dolls and plan to get more of the curvies at some point and if I do, I'll review them here to.

I just hope one day they start mixing the body types as I am tall and curvy so I would love that body type.

I changed some things around on my site recently. You'll notice I now have a poll and added a news feed from Toy news international, and a few other things. It is all part of trying to improve this blog! Also you'll notice I am doing reviews more often. Don't worry this site will keep focusing on memories and things like that like it always has but I also wanted to return to reviews. Also if you like it when I focus on more personal stuff like I did in my trans post, I will be opening a new blog where I deal with "Real" issues in my life soon as I do not feel that is appropriate for this blog all the time as this is more a toy blog!

Lastly, this week the schedule is a little different. Monday's usually have the Pop Culture League and another post. This week it is this post, Tuesday I will be posting Pop Culture League for this week, Wednesday which usually has a post will not, Thursday will be the long promised Collection Walk-through, and Friday will be a preview of something that I have planned for December (There was a hint in my "Oops" and "Blue" posts). Monday we will be back on schedule!