Due to getting home late Friday, I decided to combine this post with the final Random Star Wars Cap because later today will day one of 31 days of Halloween.

I decided to end STAR WARS WEEK with a bang and just spotlight some random Star Wars figures and just like my Happy Meal version of this feature, I will show ten! In case your wondering, yes 31 days of Halloween does start today, it will be at noon and there will be one more random pic around 5AM. Then we are back to one post a day. Though there will be the occasional random pic like this past week, but they will not be as frequent.

First up is a Hot Wheels car. This car was made to represent Kylo Ren. There was a whole set to show all the factions from all the eras I believe, but this is the one I thought looked interesting enough.
 This next car came out about a year or so before the other one. This one is meant to represent Rebels if I remember correctly.
 Here is Captain Phasma!She is one of my very few Star Wars pops. I really liked the idea of a female stormtrooper and this was one of the few I found at the time. I think she came out great1
 Here is a look of her black cape!
 Dewback here was part of a set at Wal-Mart.
 Sandtrooper here was the other one! I like the sandtrooper but I won't lie I bought it for the dewback, which is one of my favorite creatures from the Star Wars film series!
 Jakks Pacific definitely came out with a great assortment in their big figs line for awhile there and I have a few of the 30+ inch line as well as these four 18 inch ones! Phasma here came with a cloth cap and a removable pistol!
 Ezra here was not why I bought the 2-pack he was in. Also it was on clearance for under $10 when I got it. He has a removable lightsaber blade.
 This stormtrooper is why I got that 2-pack. What is kinda funny is that except for Ezra, all of my "Big Figs" are villains. His gun and Ezra's lightsabre are non removable, but the next guy's lightsabre is!
 Darth Maul is by far the most visibly cool one. From what I understand, he was once a Walgreens exclusive. His lightsabre breaks open just like in the movies and has a cloth "skirt!"
Last is this Rancor! I found him at a flea market for 5 bucks! He is from the 90s power of the force line and if I hadn't only paid 5 bucks for him, I'd been disappointed. He has very little articulation and will not stand with out being propped up most of the time.
Well, that's it for Star Wars week! I hope you enjoyed it, i might do something Star Wars related once we get close to Rogue One. "May the Force be with you Always!" 

Ironically the final Star Wars cap was going to reuse the same image as this post has lol.
what do  you mean star wars week is over?

Next up: Halloween Time!!!


  1. I've been so tempted to pick up some of the larger Star Wars figures.They look pretty damn cool.

    1. Same here! I thought about getting the big storm trooper and making a lamp out of him lol

    2. Big Tone: They are awesome! I actually wish I could afford the $100 ones, but my favs are the 32 inch (? I forget the size lol) ones that I have.

      Brother Midnight: I would love to see that lol.


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