It is time once again for Cool and Collected's Pop Culture League Challenge! This time around it is once again Halloween like.

"Are you scared?

What frightens you the most?"
 Well, last week I mentioned two of my fears right here! I have a fear of zombie's which has gotten better in recent years, ever since I discovered that it was caused by my fear of death! That would have to be my greatest fear. It is a fear that I have had ever since I was a kid. It got even worse after I lost my grandparents on my dad's side, my grandpa on my mom's side, my mom, her mom, my uncle (my mom's brother), my sister, friends in San Francisco, and the love of my life! All of that in just 38 years :( No wonder I have issues with death.

 I also have a fear of heights but only when not enclosed. I can look out windows, over railings, etc. But it is an issue with no protection or on a ladder! 

 Another fear would be a really common one:
 Yep I have a fear of spiders. What is odd is I have no fear of their close relatives:
In fact, I think they are cool. I even used to sword fight with them as a kid with a twig. It helps that in Georgia where I grew up for the most part, they are not dangerous and can only get you sick.

 Another fear, I have begun to conquer. I can now touch them if I have to and get close to them, but I used to be terrified of these believe it or not!
 Turns out it stemmed from a traumatic experience that I had as a baby. Once I figured that out, the fear, like zombies, became manageable.

So there is a look at what scares me the most. Now that I spilled my guts, why not check out my other League members' fears?

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  1. I used to be terrified of spiders but now Im not even a little afraid of them and In fact I have started collecting toy spiders.

    1. Yeah I noticed your posts with them. Creepy. lol. I think my fear of them is connected to my fear of death as many spiders are deadly.

  2. None of these scare me that badly, but could be because I have never seen a scorpion face to face before. Death is something most people fear in some form. I think it is more of a fear of the unknown aspect of it.

    1. I am going to have to agree with you on the fear of the unknown. My fear was much worse (of death) until I realized that we are made up of energy and it cannot be destroyed only changed, so we have to go somewhere.

  3. My wife is so scared of spiders and I don't understand it, I see it as a largely irrational fear.

    I don't fear crickets, but they are pretty disgusting creatures. As a kid I owned tiger salamanders and fed them crickets for food. Turns out the little devils nibbles the salamanders tender toes right off! I had nightmares of crickets eating my salamanders alive, retched creatures crickets! I learned to make sure every cricket was eaten and to not leave them in there over night. Also started feeding my salamanders earthworms instead of crickets.

    Also, have you ever seen a Mormon cricket? Those things are hideous and destroy crops quickly!

    1. I think the main fear of spiders for most people , or at least for me, is the fact that so many look alike and unless you are an expert it is hard to tell which are deadly.

      They are disgusting creatures. Due to my fear of them as a child, I fed grasshoppers to my pet frogs and toads and salamanders! Never seen a mormon cricket. Wow they be huge!

  4. My wife gets freaked out by spiders. Everytime there is one in the house, she sqishes it and then researches it online to make sure it's not poisonous!

    1. I am not that bad thankfully. Oh I need to kill them, but not research them lol.


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