Cassie has said on her blog that I have a Goodwill problem, well this haul does not help my case against her lol. Then again where else can you find vintage Masters of the Universe figures for less than a buck a piece? SO these were all bought just last week except for this guy:
This is a Pound Puppy from Hardees and those who follow Cassie's blog will recognize him. She found him on the first and I traded one I found that was closer to the one she had as a kid for it. Ironically, I found the next day, the one that she DID have!
 So that puppy will be going to her house and i'll be getting the other one back lol!
 I also found this Care Bear Cousin dog from the 2000's, I am a huge fan of the cousins! In fact On Monday with Cassie and on Tuesday, I saw plenty of Care Bears but only got him!
 2 down, 1 to go. This Piggy is from McDonalds during the holidays in the 80s I believe.
 When we were at Goodwill, Cassie found this Shirt Tales plush from Hardees and I am so happy to add him to my collection!
 Here is a look at some of the stuff I got in a $2.99 bag. Most will be looked at in future restaurant premiums articles!
 A bagged Herry Scary from Kellogs!
 Of Course I opened him up and he will join my other Kellogs plush, Elmo!
 Red Ranger was part of a promotion at McDonalds during the first movie and came with his zord. Because he was not a Happy Meal figure, I felt I could show him now!
 A Pteradctyl!
 Pumpkin Bendy! I used to love bendies as a kid,
 Easter minis!
 Have no clue where these guys are from BUT I was excited to find them because I know for a fact that I had the bear and lion as a kid!
 This dino from Rescue bots
 is a recent figure and ironically I almost bought him in stores. He'll look great with my beasts!
 Anakin will look great with Obi Wan, Rey, and Phasma.
 A couple Imaginext accessories! One is cave man like, but the other looks as if its from Hawkman!
 A couple of books.
 I loved Choose your own adventures as a kid and I still do.
 I have been looking hard for these books and although its the conclusion, I'm glad to add it!
 At Wal-Mart I found another 10 pack of my Ecto-Cooler. I feel like a kid every time I drink it!
 Cassie wondered why I was so excited to find this.
 As you can see its a M.A.S.K. vehicle. It is only a part of one and was NOT Floyd's but looks great in the display regardless.
 Webstor! And he came with his grapple. They even had another one!
 Whiplash and he is in great condition! I know mine as a kid the tail started to rip off and this one? Perfect!
 Another that I had as a kid ZOAR!
 Dragon Blaster Skeletor was my favorite Skeletor (I had 4 if you count new adventures Skelly as a kid!) I loved this dragon!
So there is a look at my Goodwill finds this past week. I can't wait to add them all to my collection!

Next week: I do reviews on some specials from Halloween and even more!


  1. wow thats great stuff! My goodwill nearly never has toys :/

    1. YEah I am pretty amazed by what I can find there and don't feel bad when I lived in San Francisco, our Goodwill's never carried any toys either.

    2. thats crazy! I went to the goodwill on clement street In SanFransico like every day for 10 years and always got something good lol

    3. I was shocked to see toys at Goodwill here.Now SF was good for books but yeah rarely if ever saw toys, but they did sell computers at gw in sf.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah lately I have been finding some good toys, a part of me thinks its due to the holidays and maybe Goodwill has been holding on to them or people are donating more due to them!

  3. Animals are fisher price little people from the circus train set.

    1. TY for the information, that had been bothering me. :) I remember having the giraffe to so yeah I think I had the set or it was a hand me down from my sister.

  4. I loved when Alexis found the MOTU figures at Goodwill! She was super excited. Always fun to be a part of someone finding something that they used to love and being able to get it!

    1. I rarely get that from Cassie (I did when we saw the Sprites and Teddy Ruxpin books) but yeah she has said multiple times that going to Goodwill with me is fun because if I find something I get excited!


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