I am running way behind today, I meant to do a haul post but due to some emotional issues I have not been in the mood, so I chose to do this instead. Ironically even though I took photos I had decided to not do this post, but doing it now as it is the quickest thing I can do.
 So last year, Frito Lay made the white cheddar Bag o bones and I hated them. This year they decided to do the cheddar again but they also put out this flamin' hot variety.
 I hate them to. Now I need to put it out there, I love flami' hot cheetos but its the texture and shape of these that I do not like,
 Red colored bones is pretty sweet, but alas not for me. I am shocked though as I do like puffs so this is bizarre that I dislike these.
I should point out that you can make a spooky skeleton with them!

More coming tomorrow! 
  • Midnight - Random image featuring Stalker!
  • Later - Toy Haul from Goodwill!

So look out for all of that, PLUS my reviews of specials hit next week!


  1. is that 33% sodium? Thats scarier then it being a skeleton lol

  2. That is cool that you can make a skeleton out of them, but really who else is ever going to do that? Besides for a blog.

    Also hope you get to feeling better soon!!

    1. I agree but thought that I should point that out lol. Thank You Cassie.


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