Join me as I continue to take a look at the goodies that Brother Midnight gave me in our latest trade!

Before I get to the vintage, I forgot some more of the recent figures and these are really cool!

 Here is a My Little Pony figure from the blind bags. i have a huge collection of these and did not own her! Shes glittery!
 Green Goblin from Funko here is ready to celebrate Halloween by scaring the crap out of you. Since I only had the Silver Surfer in the Marvel mystery minis, he will be a great addition after Halloween!
 I believe this is Cheese Sandwich which is voiced by Weird Al Yankovich. I am so excited to add him to my collection!
 Stealth Iron Man and
 Arctic Iron Man!
 Spider-Man, but wait there's more! After a close inspection, I realized that this is a cool version of Ben Reilley, my favorite Spidey!
 This cool seemingly smoking T.V. is from Kid Robot.
 This here are vintage TMNT movie cards
 I had the whole set as a kid and was happy to add these in my now growing card collection.
 These meant so much to me as I missed my collection. (when I lost my toy collection I lost my book and card one as well),
This is a figure from the Corps (I did not have him) and he will be leading the Dreadnoks until I get a Zartan.
 Group shot of the vintage Joes and a
group shot of the non vintage Joes and the corps figure!
Lets start with the non vintage Joes.
 Although he looks identical to Slice in the vintage series (to me) this is Slash. I just call him Slice and the other guy Slash.  had him but he did npt make it from SF. So happy to add him to Castle Destro.
 Like Slash, Stalker did not make the move. He will be commanding the kayakk that I got from Dollar Tree!
 Croc Master also didn't make the move :( The vintage version is my all time favorite Cobra so adding this Valor v Venom era one back into my collection is great. Odd fact: Croc master did not make it but his croc did, so I now have 2 to attack the Joes :)
 Snake Eyes
 Snake Eyes (I think this is my fav!)
 An army of Snake Eyes!
 This is from the vintage era and I owned him as a kid. I think this will become my go to Snake Eyes now!
 I had to look this guy up, but it is Grunt from the later waves of the vintage era.
 I had Bazooka and really wanted him again :)
 Sky Creeper
 I had the first version (this is the second version, just repainted, released the same year as the first one) of Mainframe here. He was part of a Toys R Us exclusive box set back in the 80s. He will be joining the Joes in the assault on Castle Destro!
 Order! He came with Law and was my favorite dog in G. I. Joe!
 Shipwreck here I also had and I really like this first version. Note: my dad was in the Navy!
 Guile from Street Fighter II was in the G I JOE line! I had Chun-li but not Guile as a kid but wanted him now days so glad to add him to the display. Hopefully his fellow Street Fighters will join him one day!
 Last Joe item is the Despoiler.
 It felt so good to reunite them!
 Brad Turner from M.A.S.K. was a grail piece for me :)
 Hot Cakes
 2 drinks?
 a robot
 a dinosaur
 Between Brother Midnight and Goodwill, my collection of changeables went from 0 to this in just two weeks! :O
 OMG! Micro Machines!
 I have the fondest memories of M.U.S.C.L.E.S. and now I have five of them in my collection once more. Best of all? At least 3 of them I had as a kid!
 Two things! I had this Mikey (which is my favorite turtle) as a kid and to this day this is my favorite non
universal Monsters version. so I happily added him to my collection.
 Even better is this crab i got at goodwill awhile ago why?
 Because he belongs to Mikey. This is the reason I buy accessories at Goodwill even if I don't have the figures yet.
 This is a mini figure and looks to be from the 90s. It looks like a Pound Puppy but am not sure.
 I never owned these (but I did own a robed Supernatural) as a kid, but loved the cartoon. Cassie can tell you that I love the Visionaries, I have even tried making her watch it
 So i was happy finding him in the box.
 Inhumanoids somehow I missed as a kid, I never even saw the cartoon but after hearing collectors talking about it in recent years, I have been wanting to add one and now I have one :)
If you saw my toy haul article, you saw I found at Goodwill 2 dinos from Dino-Riders. What was so epic about that was I found the deinychus and have had the pterdactyl for a couple months now. I mention this because I only had 3 of the Dino-Riders dinosaurs as a kid and all 3 were grail items. Guess what? ;) I have all 3 now, Anklyosaurus here was the last one I needed!
 I saved the Masters for last! Battle Sound Skeletor (as I call him) makes sounds and talks. He is from 200X. Interesting note: until I got him I was missing a 200X Skeletor!
 Vintage Time! Until this box I owned a wingless Buzz-Off, that is it from vintage Masters. Not anymore :)  Stinkor here is a reworked Mer-Man (my favorite character in MOTU is Mer-Man and ironically own no version of him yet lol) Interesting note: As a kid I really wanted him but my parents would not get him or moss man for me due to the scents! Do not know why!
 I never had Dragstor but think he is REALLY cool!
 These last two I had as a kid and am excited to have them again. Man-At-Arms and
Beast Man!

That's it and thanks again Brother Midnight, I appreciate all of this great stuff thank you! Tomorrow, I will review the all female Ghostbusters movie which is coming to DVD soon!


  1. Im glad you liked it all and it wasnt a bunch of stuff you already had!

    1. It was pretty good odds as most of my vintage collection came from you lol Thanks again! Plus hope you stay safe and that the hurricane doesn't cause much damage!

    2. Oh btw that dog, where is it from? Not order from gijoe.

    3. oh its a Pound puppy mini from the 80's


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