Well, I am behind schedule and sorry for that! Thankfully I was prepared and had a random pic available just in case!  So today, I will be bringing you my toy haul!
The huge amount of stuff is not from spending much but by getting a bunch at Goodwill! Unlike most times, I got a lot in the 2.99 bags that were not Restaurant premiums!

First off lets start with Star Wars, most of this was purchased on Rogue Friday, but a few items were not:

 In the $2.99 bag, I found Endor Han and
 LAndo Calrissian from the Power of the Force II line! I was shocked that Han still had the coat!
 At Wal-Mart I picked up on clearance this robot guy,
This Resistence X-Wing Pilot, and
 The First Order Tie-Fighter with a Tie-Fighter pilot with removable mask!
 This thing is a monster as you can see here and this is the 3 3/4 version! Now I get why reviewers joked about making the 6 inch caled one into a coffee table!
 At Target, on Force Friday, I picked up these cards.
 The pack contained these and....
 this pretty cool card!
 i also picked up three of the new figures released on Rogue/Force Friday: Jynn Erso, the lead hero in the new movie,
 Kanan from Disney's Rebels ,
 As you can see, he came with a lightsaber! I also got
 Sabine, she did not come with a storm trooper helmet or those lockers!
 At Goodwill, I got Salicious Crumb here for 50 cents! Him being a creature  is one of the things that I felt tied this post to the Halloween celebration!
 The last Star Wars item that I got that I am going to show is this POP t-shirt.
I love the design.

There's more. Just click the link/jump and check out some pretty epic finds from Goodwill!

 I picked up  some videoes such as
Sweatin' to the Oldies III,
Yogi and Friends from 93, which looks like it was released a little bit before Cartoon Network (which was late 93),
And these two beauties!
 Speaking of DuckTales, yet another book has been added,
 This was an :O moment for me and can't believe I got it for 69 cents!
 This  was more an :O moment for Cassie. They had two and we split it up, she got one and I got one.
 One of the reasons I convinced myself (other than Salicious) that this fit the Halloween celebration! I actually plan to take a look at it this month.
 A Donald Duck book older than I am!
 Scrooge from Christmas Carol,
 I broke my rule of not showing fast food premiums until my fast food premiums article, but decided that since these were available separately and not in a Happy Meal, that I would make an exception for them and someone else coming up. These were for sale at McDonald's and there were 4.
 This Flounder was a gift and has some kind of mechanica feature or at least had one.
 Tickle me Elmo! and yes it works!
 A Fozzie Bear Muppet Puppet from 78!
 Kermit here (along with the two I do not have) was sold at McDonald's.
 This awesomely colored frog is now in my frog display!
 This made me excited. This is Izzy from the Atlanta hosted Olympics! I had a pvc of him as a kid and wanted something of him again for awhile now, so I was ecstatic when Cassie showed it to me.
 Smurfette from the Smurfs!
 An actual vintage Sprite!
 Time for my big :O moment! Colorforms at Goodwill!
First up is my most recent, I bought on Friday, Barney.....
Cinderella (which this one seems to be 70s but I can't find any proof to that but one ebay seller, I would think its 80s).....
Winne the Pooh colorforms!
 I got a Cabbage Patch kid, Mikey Clip, and Louie from DuckTales, as well as
 even more McDonald's premiums n the 2.99 bags, these were purchased last month.
 Diamond Select Kermit with Bean Bunny and Robin. I'll be reviewing them in November I think.
 What looks to be a top of a Monster High box!
 A Christmas sign, lockers, and spooky tree, like a lot of other things were in 2.99 bags!
 A teacher frog minature!
 A movie Spider-Man in an awkward permanent pose!
 What seems to be cereal premium. It is of the New Goblin from Spider-Man III!
 The Mystery Machine
 A 3-Pack of catnip pumpkin toys for my cat. She has one now, I gave another to a friend and will give my cat the last one later.
 Getting to the last three! Mewtwo!
 Oogie Boogie reaction figure!
And last is this! These are my biggest finds and were in the 2.99 bags. I knew who the big one was immediately! Remember when I said I had only 3 of the Dino-Riders dinosaurs as a kid? This Deinychus was one of them (and the larger of the three I had). His friend I almost passed up. Like the pteradctyl I did not realize who he was at first then looked and saw tyco, 1980s and was like wow. I got 2 Dino-Riders dinosaurs (he's a protoceratops for those who were wondering) in one day!

Well that's it for now. Another trade with Brother Midnight is coming soon but for now thats it. See you tomorrow!


  1. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G haul!I'm going to have to check out Goodwill someday.

    1. Goodwill has great stuff sometimes! I still can't believe that I now have Dino-Riders dinosaurs, a sprite, and colorforms!

  2. Hey I just bought that Teddy Ruxpin book at goodwill myself! great stuff.

    1. They had 2 but Cassie got the other and then the next day she found 4 more at our other gw! Congrats on scoring it to!


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