Time for the Pop Culture League again and looks like I will be talking about zombies much sooner than planned because this week's challenge is:


The dead have arisen!"
Um say what? Gotta run!

 So a little background, at one time I had no fear of zombies whatsoever. In fact no horror icons scared me at all. OI even collected the Toy Biz Resident Evil figures from Kaybee.
Then came the day....
So one night a friend talked me into watching the "Dawn of the Dead" remake at dawn! I was scarred. 
In fact I was so scared that I thought there was a real outbreak!  My case manager had to make me go outside, that is how bad it was! This became an issue in my life. You can imagine Halloween in a city like San Francisco. Also don't get me started on the zombie walk. Actually, lets. So, I was meeting with my case manager (a different one, many years later) in the park that was right outside my house. Then suddenly.... zombies! No joking. I was on the verge of crying like a baby, I was so terrified! My case manager reacted very well and told me to stay calm and I survived it lol.

In later years, the fear is much more manageable and that is because I discovered the deep rooted problem... my fear of death. Now I have thought about even reading Marvel Zombies finally. The fear is not gone, but is more manageable and a little fear is a good thing right?

I have seen shows like The Walking Dead and read Afterlife With Archie (all helped fight fear) but not a big fan.
In faxt only one zombie franchise is enjoyable to me and that is:
Yep, ironically enough my first introduction to realistic zombies never scared me. The whole time I avoided zombies, I still watched the R.E. and other video game related zombie movies. Go figure.

Like this? 
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Finally, my long time friend Cassie, from  Cassie's Library, has joined the league with a video and she ironically discusses the movie that started my zombie fear!

All images (except League) are from Ebay and Wikipedia!


  1. dont fear the reaper :) Im glad your getting it under control but Ill still be sure not to send you a box full of zombies lol

    1. lol Yeah please don't one or two? Thats cool but a whole box? I'd probably be running for help lol

  2. Girl is SCARED!!! Trust me S C A R E D!!! Trust me it has calmed down greatly, but seriously for awhile she would not step outside her own door. I remember! It was ridiculous. Glad she got over it :-)

    1. Ok, it wasn't that bad. Ok yes it was. All I had to see was an image of a zombie and I freaked. Cassie would know, we not only have been friends for over a decade, but she was also my roommate for a year.

  3. Replies
    1. Ironically, it wasn't the cure but never was an issue. I don't know how t explain it but while I had the unhealthy fear of zombies, I was still able to enjoy Resident Evil.


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