I am a huge fan of Monster High, yet I have stayed away from the vinyl figures. That was until last winter. They released 4 of the pets of the ghouls in this style.

I did not have any of these in any form (Except Count Fabulous, he I had as a stuffed animal) so I was excited to add them to the collection!

 First up we have the pet of my second (or first I keep flip flopping from Draculaura and Lagoona) Monster High character. Count Fabulous here sadly is always looking down but that pose makes it worth it! I absolutely love this one!

Sir Hoots-A-Lot I believe is Ghoulia's pet. Ghoulia is a zombie and for the longest time I was not a fan of her due to my fear of them. Hoots-A-Lot is in a cool pose and his head moves!

I love this kitty cat so much! Clawdeen (werewolf) has this purple cat as her pet. What is funny is essentially a dog (werewolf) owns a cat!  Crescent is in a very feline pose and looks adorable!

Last up is Frankie Stein's pet dog Wazzit! This Frankenstein dog is the perfect pet for Frankie. I like the wing like things in the back! Frankie Stein is one of Cassie's favorite characters in Monster High the last time I checked!

While I am on it, I really haven't promoted her site much, but Cassie has created the blog "Cassie's Library" and there she reviews books and occasionally talks about other cool things. She is a very good friend and has been for decades, and that is rare to have these days. :) I recommend to at least check out her site.

Now back to the subject, with the relaunch of the Monster High dolls, they gave some of the ghouls new pets like a dog I believe for Draculaura. I hope they become as popular and we see them in various styles like these vinyl figurines or stuffed animals as well! That's it for now, I think I am going to go sit back and watch the new Monster High moviw "Welcome to Monster High"!


  1. The relaunch Monster highs are terrible :( they took out so much of the articulation that you cant get any cute poses out of them.

    1. Well, if that's the case then I will just get a Draculaura and quit the doll line. Makes sense that the first character I bought also be the last!

    2. As a MH adult collector I was shocked by the reboot. But from the toyline point of view I think it was mandatory: the old dolls do portray people close to their 30s, not teenagers (so I could pretend they are closer to my age range, he he he).
      Well, they are versions of the dolls with almost no articulations, and others that are fully articulated.
      In conclusion, I have to confess I want the new pirate Clawdeen doll!!

    3. I will probably pick up Draculaura and if I like her, one or two reboots but after that, only the new characters. The dolls look good but the designs in the new movie based on this? that'll take time to get used to lol.


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