I am stil feeling a little sick and using old photos (like I did in yesterdays Spidey post) so unfortunately I could not find the pic I took of the Green Goblin un-mashed.
 Today we are taking a look at the two "Halloweenish" Mash-Ems that I have. I believe this particular line is called Super smashers or something. Hasbro has many properties in this line and most have different names so it is confusing. I only have  five of the Marvel figures (Cap, Ghost Rider, Green Goblin, Ice Man, and Spider-Man)! Here you can see Ghost Rider. He comes with his flaming chain. For a 10 dollar figure, he is pretty detailed and the flaming skull looks cool. Reminds me of the Ghost Rider figure I had in the 90's by Toybiz.
 In fact the reason I bought him is because he reminds me of the Danny Ketch version of Ghost Rider, which is the one that I read and enjoyed!
 Then we got the Green Goblin. Look at that sneer.
 He comes with 3 pumpkin bombs, which is great!
 Now here is the gimmick. All of their limbs cam be removed and exchanged.
 It makes for some cool displays like this flaming skull on the ground look.
It also makes for some interesting looks like this biker who is having an identity crisis.
All in all it is a great line but you can only get limited poses and might not be something interesting for collectors. I like them because if you stay away from the gimmick, the look reminds me of the old Toybiz figures that I used to have. I hope you enjoyed this look at these figures.


  1. I love the sculpts on these figures but the ports kind of get in the way for me.I think this line makes more sense with the Transformers figures,being able to swap out arm cannons and guns and all.Something tells me that I'll pick some up anyways sometime down the line.

    1. The ports can be distracting. I already cherry pick lol. I only own ben reilley spidey, Iceman, cap, and these 2. I have been tempted to buy the smaller versions to.

  2. I wanted 2 of these guys but I can never find them so I gave up lol

    1. Yeah these guys can be hard to find when looking for specific characters.


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