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Just because its Halloween time does not mean my Fast Food Premium Article is resting! Today we take a look at tn more fast food premiums, this time though they are either Halloween or Monsters!
 First up is the mummy from Hotel Transylvania! This version of Murray is from the sequel! I am a huge fan of the original and am happy to have him in my collection. Also he winds up!
 Also from the sequel, Frank here has head spin when you move his arm!
 Count Dracula here talks.
 I have no clue what Mavis here does. I do not have them, but it seems that there is also Blobby the blob on scooter, Wayne the werewolf, Mavis' son Dennis, and a Frank mask!
 Mr. Burns here is from Burger King and is from the Treehouse of Horrors!
 This is a Ty beanie baby, no really, he was offered in happy meals with others like a frog and Ronald!
 Last up are these candy despensers that were in McDonalds happy meals back in 1998.
 This witch becomes some monster.
 This skeleton is in reality
 A chicken mcnugget!
 Heres a scarecrow,
 Wait a minute! Thats Ronald!
 Finally this pumpkin is actually Grimace. There are actually two more that I still need: Birdie as a black cat and the Hamburgler as Mr. Hyde (?)
Unlike most of these lists, I never had any of these before but I still like them all. I had the Mcnuggets that were in costumes and hope to find them again someday but these candy dispensers are great and look awesome in my collection! As does Burns, I just hope one day I can add the older figures that I had to join him. So there is a look at ten spooooooky figures! Tomorrow, I will finally be doing my toy haul in one post and later this week I reveal the contents of a trade!