So, my birthday was July 21 and for it I went to the movies. Now keep in mind, before that I had not been to a movie since The Force Awakens, and before that? I cannot remember but I believe it just might have been Star Wars; The Clone Wars, so I rarely went to the movies, but as with Star Wars in December, I knew I had to make an exception for yet another childhood memory, the Ghostbusters.
 So, I grew up with the property and I mean grew up with it lol. I saw the second one in theaters and  loved the toon. So I was ecstatic that we were getting a new one. Unlike many others who have such a huge tie to the original, I loved it. Did I wish this was the third movie and not a reboot? Sure, but it still was a great movie. 

 When the trailers hit, I thought they were funny and started looking forward to it, before then I was nervous like many others. I liked how it played homage to the original but was not a remake, it was its own thing. I know that many felt that it should have been set in the original universe, but I disagree. The whole point of the movie is them being discredited because of their theories on ghosts. If it were in the original universe, this would have been very difficult to pull off as ghosts existing is common knowledge by the end of the sequel. 

 The only thing I do agree with is that they should have had the originals play their characters. Bear with me here for a minute and I'll explain. So, this is set in an alternate dimension correct? And it is widely accepted, at least in our circles, that their can be alternate versions of yourself in these universes. Age Of Apocalypse? What If? Dc's Elseworlds or even the multiverse for DC or Omniverse in Marvel are all very good examples. So Why can't Peter Venkman be a skeptic? Why can't Dana Barett be a scientist or Ray Stanz a cabbie? I mean they even had Dan Akroyd's cabbie know not only that ghosts exist but what category it was. Come on, am I the only one who thought of this? Also Ernie Hudson was the head of a mortuary. This is basically my only gripe, they should have been alternate reality versions of themselves..

 The story starts out pretty cool and similar. Their is a tourist group in a haunted house instead of a library, but from then on there are less similarities and the film goes on its own. Pixel Dan mentioned in his podcast that it is a little scarier than the original ghostwise and I could not agree more. They look much more real and that makes it even better in my opinion. Also they put in Slimer and his girlfriend. Who did not love Slimer driving the Ecto-1? It was even funnier when we discover that the Ecto-1 is basically a nuclear reactor driving through New York city by a ghost!

 The ladies were all great in my opinion and loved how three of them went off to face the ghosts only to be attacked by balloon ghosts! They were able to destroy all but one, Staypuft! He succeeds in squeezing them and Patty says this is how she knew she would die. Priceless! Also another scene that sticks out is Patty again. They are at a concert and a ghost takes a mannequin form, they get him out but he then shows himself to be Mayhem! I know his name due to the toys! I was so excited and now want to locate the mannequin ghost in the blind bags so bad! Anyway, Mayhem perches on her shoulders and she is like I'm just tired and the rest of the team is like um, and she is like "No, just tired. Do not piss off the ghost!" and then a couple of people take a selfie and she is like "Really?"

 Also in this movie they do not contain the ghosts (which is probably good due to what happened after the one they did contain got out, but at least Bill Murray got the death scene he wanted, kind of.) They instead destroy them, which made for one hell of a fight scene. Also to those who were like it is lame that the head villain was the ghost symbol. it was like in the original movie when Ray Stanz thought of something that was sweet (Staypuft), they thought of their logo!

 Were their problems? Absolutely. The movie was slow and the character of Rowan was so lame, but overall it was an enjoyable film. While not better than the original, though hard to compare as they are so different, it was far better then Ghostbusters II! I know those who have made up thier mind will hate it, I highly recommend this movie if you are willing to watch it with an open mind (get it?) Anyway Ghostbusters (2016) has gotten a name change to Ghostbusters: Answer The Call! and is currently available digitally and will be made availablde on Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, October 11! Catch even more Ghostbusting articles throughout this month!


  1. I havent seen it yet.Truth be told Im more a fan of the cartoon then I am the original movies so Im afraid I might not like it very much.

    1. I'm on the fence on recommending it to you then lol. Though you might still like it honestly.


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