I just received my trade with Brother Midnight and I wanted to share. This is a bonus post.

First we have Floyd Malloy from M.A.S.K. He was a V.E.N.O.M. soldier and originally came with the Vampire vehicle.

Now he have reinforcements for Castle Destro! (update on that soon!):
Here is Torch, a Dreadknok. He will be defending Castle Destro, as long as his check cashes!

QuickKick here I not only had but was one of my favorite joes!

I also had Beachhead here and glad to add him to my collection.

The last Joe in the trade and also had as a kid, Bushido, is ready to kick Cobra's *BEEP

Lastly we have cheesburger here.

Oh wait! he's a changeable. Ironically I found a couple others from this line the day b4 I got this package!

Then I also got this bonus! Its a My Little Pony and was extremely excited to get it.

Thanks go out to Mr. Brother Midnight, thanks again.

My toy haul post will be posted later today!


  1. Good stuff!Brothermidnight has hooked me up in the past.He's a cool cat,for sure ;)

    1. I agree, I'm just honored that he wanted to trade with me and love it all :)


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