I rarely am able to spend a lot on toys so when it does happen I get excited and this haul is a good one :) Because there is so much, I decided to add a jump break after the first few items so please keep reading as I save most of my favs for last!

First up I need to thank fellow League member Spyda-Man over at 20 years before 2000. He mentioned these Garbage Pail Kids minikins at Dollar Tree in his Pop Culture League Post!
 So I decided to check mine and sure enough I found them. Turns out they have two series!
 Also though I did not buy them, they also had 2-packs with no figure showing, but why get 2 when you can get 4 at the same price am I right? :)
Here is what I got: (I got an ultra rare!)
 And most of the stickers:
 Ye I seem to have not gotten or misplaced 2 stickers as I have 16 figures and only 14 stickers :(
Some more blind bags for a buck! These are at Target!
 The new wave of Shopkins
 A Megabloks TMNT pack
 Here's what I got:

  • My third Ultra Magnus (Sigh)
  • My favorite Transformer (Rodimus)
  • A tooth brush, tooth brush holder, and cup for Shopkins
  • Regular E.T. (FINALLY)
  • Splinter :)

 Almost forgot Ghost ET.
Last blind bag item is this Leonardo keychain that I got for under 3 bucks clearanced at TRU!
After the jump: Vintage toys, a great book find, somE Transformers, a Ghostbuster, and much more including a new Dollartree G I JOE scale figure that BigTone over at 2-Minute Toy Break might be interested in!

Now for the non Mystery stuff:
Ok I'll be honest I decided to just get this so I would have a movie Batman to team with my CW/Movie League to fight the next characters.
Reverse Flash! Finally! Ok I have not talked about TV much here yet so this is unknown but I am a huge fan of THE FLASH series. Whats hilarious is I am also a fan of Smallville, but not a fan of Flash or Superman in the books.
I Harley Quinn as well and this is the TRU Exclusive and got her on sale :O
 I also got Galvatron. The nest 3 are all from the animated movie and I am such a huge fan of it and so glad to be adding them now on its 30'th anniversary! (I feel so old as I remember seeing it in the theater!) lol
 Her's Blurr. He will give more members to a faction that is small in my collection (What can I say the villians are cooler)
 Finally found the Titan Masters and got the animal related ones. Oddly all are Decepticons lol
 Though the vehicle is a tank, Terri-Bull was a beast in the original Transformers line!
 Hate this figure so much lol. I will reveiew him and my other Reilleys in October (Don't worry it makes sense why), I got it cause it was 5 bucks at Five Below and I collect Ben Reilley's!
 Also found at Five Below! I might not have the game, but I am so excited about this! I wanted Benny so bad because he is based off the 80s space Lego figures and guess what I had :) so while not vintage he is a great addition to my collection due to the memory associated with him.
 Ok I will review him in October and debated on if I would show him yet (some I am waiting to reveal) I will say he is most likely the only Kubros I will buy. Just had to get this MOTU figure!
 Big Tone, Don't know if you've seen this yet but my Dollar Tree just restocked and he was added! I got him because the kayak reminds me of the white one that Stalker came with back in the original line!
 Who Ya Gonna Call? Diamond has 2 versions of their Ghostbusters line out there. The ones with the diorama pice sold exclusively at specialty stores and this version at TRU without them. I almost got Slimer and Janine ($14 only for a 6 to 7 inch figure!) Expect a review soon.
 Score at one Goodwill. Bought a Mummy VHS And a DuckTales book!
 Found this Ghost Goofy from the classic Christmas special. Will use him for both Christmas and Halloween!
 Found this skeleton for a quarter at a thrift store.
 Found these as well. The Care Bears book was a hugely rare find as it still had it's record!
 I found these at GoodWill North. The Dinosaur book has Eryops in it! WHOOT!
 Plus yet another DUCKTALES!
A couple McDonalds toys still packaged (now opened)
 California Raisin
 misc stuff from the 2.99 bags
 The rest of them, these are Fast Food premiums and will be revealed in that column soon!
 Finally! I was a huge fan of this mascot from Epcot Center so been wanting one for some time. Finally have a Figment!
 Not a fan of the original look, but said a long time ago that I wanted at least one Michelangelo from every style released in Megabloks!
 New shirt.
So that's it for now, but this was a lot! Some will be reviewed and discussed later, but if you'd like me to focus on any just let me know in the comments section. See you all tomorrow for even more articles.
Tomorrows post will probably be in the afternoon.


  1. Im going to have to track down the ET as a ghost for my ghost collection! Love all the books ,Im glad Im not the only one who collects children's books.

    1. No you don't hehe. That was an extra and I am pretty sure that I tossed him into your box on Friday:)

      Yeah I love the children's books. Especially when I discover some that I forgot all about.

  2. Holy haul!It's like X mas In September!I actually picked up that same set from Dollar Tree Alexis,lol!The canoe reminded me of that Stalker figure as well.Well worth the $1.08 I spent on It.

    1. lol. Like I said, I rarely can go crazy on toys but about twice a year I have enough to splurge :) Glad you found him, just wanted to make sure you didn't miss out on him, that boat is awesome!


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