Today we are looking at another book, but this time it is a punch-out toy book!
As a kid I watched the cartoon "The Littles" and I always wanted toys. So imagine my excitement when I discovered this.
I think the bigger shocker was except for a few loose pieces, this was in good condition. Thats right it is intact!
Every piece is in there. I bought it with the intention of making scenes with them, but then a friend checked Ebay and saw that it was worth $25 and I paid 69 cents lol. I have no intention of selling it, but it has made me wonder if I should destroy it by making the toys. Oh the tough decisions we collectors must make. lol
This book has it all, a pond complete with cattails, their living area, table, etc.
You can literally make a Littles diorama with this book! I won't lie one day I will probably punch them out but today, I just have to enjoy them in the book :)
So there is a look at the Littles punch-out toy book. Stay tuned for even more articles!

Plus HALLOWEEN is coming! The celebration begins on OCTOBER 1 when I start my celebration of Halloween, which will include articles of spookyness like Ghostbusters and more.


  1. Thats fantastic! Iv never seen this before.

    1. Yeah I was stoked to find it! I never thought such a thing existed.

  2. Super cool!That should be like one of those "break in case of en emergency cigarette" where you'll wait for that moment when nothing will spell relief better than creating pop out Littles dioramas,lol!


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