Due to a scheduling mishap, I have to post this now as November would be to late and it would not work with my 31 days of Halloween or Star Wars week! 

Today we will look at two of the fastest men alive, Sorry Sonic but I said men as in Human. Though I will be focusing on theory and the two toys from Mattel, I do mention some spoilers ahead. All talk about the tv show will be in BLUE so to avoid spoilers, just don't read that part. :)
 So in a bout a week or so, the CW will begin airing the new season of The Flash. While I still have not seen the finale, I do know what happened. Barry saved his mom from Reverse Flash and now we have a Flashpoint paradox! Whats even more confusing is John Wesley Shipp will be doing duty. I hope they make sure his Alternate Earth counterpart of Jay Garrick stays in costume so its not to hard to know whos who as he also plays Barry's father in this arc. 
 So from what I have gathered,  Cisco is in charge of Star Labs and both of Barry's parents are alive. Most likely intentionally, most of the other cast like Caitlynn seem to be missing from the ads. We about to see Frost again? I say this as obviously some accident happened as Wally is the Kid Flash. Also will we see Ronnie again? We have been told that Arrow will feel the flashpoint, but my theory is that it will be in Flash. Another thing that I noticed is that both Supergirl and Legends don't begin their new seasons until the following week. Is their a reason to this? I know I am over thinking it but am excited! Superman on Supergirl! I just hope he's in more than 2 episodes and that he appears in a crossover with the others, that would be so cool, but I doubt it!
Now how about toys? I bought Arrow and Flash earlier this year and was ecstatic! I am a huge fan of the shows and decided too stick with Mattel and not DC Collectibles (probably a good idea as they have released so much and theres less to get in Mattel's line). Sadly I will never have all of the Flash figures as the build a figure next year is King Shark and I will not buy figures I do not want just to make him, thats why I don't have a Killer Croc.
 Just days ago I found Reverse Flash and looks like it was not a moment to soon (and although could not find Supergirl, found her wave on Thursday!). Not surprisingly, they are the same figure minus the head. This head is based on season one as it is Harrison Wells and not Thawne!
 The legs show they are exactly the same. With this figure it made sense and I am glad they did it. They have great articulation and are about as poseable as most $20 figures are these days! Also their paint aps are pretty good. They all look like accurate versions of their live action counterparts!
 Reverse Flash looks awesome and was well worth the wait.
 I just hope I do not have as much trouble finding Supergirl. Sadly when I do, she will not join my live action Justice League, but will join her sisters on my Supergirl shelf :D .
Well that is it for tonight, but be here at exactly midnight for "STAR WARS" week and then 31 days of Halloween!
Otherwise he might get angry!