I was shocked when I realized that I have yet done any articles for actual dolls. I thought I would rectify that today with Supergirl from DC Superhero Girls(also threw in her action figure and another doll from that same line.) 
Above and below you can see the backs of the two Supergirls.
When I first heard of this line I was ecstatic and even more so when I saw Supergirl!
My love for Supergirl is hard to pinpoint but I think it was more due to the fact that a firend of mine loved Donna Troy (wondergirl I) and so I latched onto her. That and up until then I only enjoyed one DC character and he did not have any comics out at that time (Batman Beyond) so I started collecting all versions of her in comics and liked them all.
I think the sculpt is great and that face is dead on with the cartoon. Before you say how can they mess up a cartoon? Believe me they can. Although its a comic, look at Invisible Woman from the F4 Marvel Universe 3 3/4 toy sets. Supergirl's cape is removable.Also she has decent articulation.
One of my gripes (and this is the BIG one) is that no matter what I did, she would not stand on her own at all. Which is odd since in the Doll line the big selling point is that they stand on their own!  My other gripe is smaller. She comes with one accessory: her cape! Many of the others have a better accessory lol.
Her doll however as advertised does indeed stand on her own.
Like her figure, the likeness is excellent.
But again her one accessory? yep her cape.
Like the action figure, she has a decent amount of articulation. I do have  to say that the reason I have not bought many of these figures is the fact that I do not like the costumes for many of them. Also this line is excellent and unique as it is the first line of 6 inch scale action figures made exclusively for girls. Many say no She-Ra was the first toyline (which is not right as there were others, heck there was even a 3 3/4 girl toyline by Lanard), but Mattel is careful in the wording "6 INCH!" and in that sense it is correct. Here are both Supergirl's next to each other.
SURPRISE! So remember how I said that I hated the designs for some? Batgirl was one of them. However in the basic 9.99 line (same price as the 6 inch I believe), the Batgirl looks better.
I hate the Supergirl so much, wonder when I will break down and buy her :D
Even the "cheap" dolls with the extra molded plastic can stand on their own, which makes the action figure sadder.
That sculpt is pretty. Her costume is non removable and the only one out of Mattel's offerings like this that I actually think is superior to the deluxe. I will have to point out that due to her being cheaper, she has less articulation.
Here are both dolls.
I stuck my older Barbie version of Batgirl in the DC Superhero Girls package. This is not a variant or on shelves. I just wanted to do a packaged picture.
She came with a stand that I lost in the move form San Francisco to here. She does not stand on her own. (You can tell here that I have more doll reviews coming in November.Also you see the old background from my YouTube videos!)
Her face sculpt is what you would expect and is perfecct. The mask does NOT come off.
So that was a look at DC Superhero Girls!


  1. Iv only bought one of these so far myself. I just dont like something about them.

    1. I can understand that, I bought the Supergirl's due to my collection and liked the Batgirl! Some of theses designs are like meh, though they do work in the toon and even the action figures but not the dolls.

    2. I haven't purchased one because the face seems off to me. Maybe it is the head sculpt you don't like? The only one that seems to fit is Bumblebee to me.

    3. yeah thats part of it and it seemed like some of them had there limbs painted a color instead of having cloth covering flesh tone. I might still pick up harley quinn but I will need to make a better costume for her.

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